Almost anyone can Explore the Afterlife

With persistance, almost anyone can learn to explore the afterlife in a safe reliable manner


There are many ways to explore what happens beyond the horizon of this physical life. Those who are already familiar with this subject will recognise many other methods such as Mediumship, Meditation, Shamanic Journeys amongst others. However, here we will look at six extremely useful methods that almost anyone can use to explore the existence of nonphysical realities and the Afterlife.


Six Methods

Firstly, you will learn about the use of Crystals and Mirrors to gain glimpses and possibly contact with these realms of existence.

Next, experienced Afterlife explorer Bruce Moen, can train ordinary (non-psychic) people to contact the other side and get verification of the reality of those experiences.

Thirdly we will look at how thousands of people around the world are making contact with the Afterlife on a daily basis using Electronic means.

Fourthly we will look at how you may take your own voyages of discovery in nonphysical realities using techniques for Out of Body Travel.

The fifth method we will examine is the fascinating use of Sound Technology that can enable perception in non-physical realms through expanding our awareness.

Finally we will examine the use of Hypnosis that can enable us to explore the spiritual state that human beings experience between physical lives.