Mapping Human Consciousness

A Map of The Afterlife

Map of Afterlife

Voyages of Discovery

Robert Monroe not only made many voyages of exploration into the afterlife himself, he also enabled many others to do the same. His Explorer Team has gathered extensive information about the layout and territory of the afterlife. Numerous people since those early days of the Monroe Institute, during the course of their own explorations have verified this map of the afterlife to be correct.


Focus Levels

Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute recorded much information about the various states of human consciousness and named these different states "Focus Levels". Through mapping these different focus states or levels of consciousness, we are in fact mapping the territory of the afterlife.



Map of the Afterlife

Physical Reality

Bob Monroe named this physical reality or state of consciousness as a C1. It contains all that we can see touch and feel with the physical senses. It is this physical reality that we all share. He described this level C1 as a circle with us at its centre.


Focus 22

The next level of consciousness he named Focus 22. Once again, the Monroe Institute describes this level of consciousness as a circle surrounding the the previously mentioned C1 level.


In Focus 22 we may find the consciousness of those who in physical life are in a Coma. Here we can also find the consciousness of those who are under the intoxicating effects of certain types of drugs or alcohol. So, when a person is under the influence of say, hallucinogenic drugs their consciousness is not fully here in this physical reality of the C1 level. So, therefore this Focus 22 is inhabited by those people who are in a coma or those who are very intoxicated. It is possible for someone experienced in reaching this level of consciousness to make contact with those who are comatose.


Focus 23

The next level of consciousness which surrounds Focus 22 is known as Focus 23.


Focus 23 is inhabited by people who have died. However, it is this level of consciousness in which we find those who have become stuck after death. The inhabitants of Focus 23 are usually in a very confused state. Their consciousness is focused towards the physical world of C1 consciousness. They can be very saddened and angered by the fact that those in physical life are completely ignoring them. They are often unaware that they have died.


There may be many attempts by helpers or guides to get the attention of those in Focus 23. Unfortunately however, those residing in Focus 23 may not even see these helpers, or if they do, they may think that there are seeing ghosts. It is therefore often very difficult for those already in the after life to make contact with those in Focus 23 and bring them to a better place. It is this level of consciousness that we visit when we do retrievals.


It is much easier for those still physically alive to make contact with individuals stuck in Focus 23 than it is for beings already in the after life. For those who carry out retrievals, it is their job to make contact with these people stuck in focus 23. If they can get their attention, then they can then introduce them to a helper who will be able to assist them onwards from there.


Focus Levels 24, 25 & 26

The next state of consciousness surrounding Focus 23 is known as The Belief System Territories and is made up of sub levels of Focus 24, Focus 25 and Focus 26.


Belief System Territories

It is in these belief system territories that we find groups of people who have been attracted together by their shared beliefs during physical life. Here we will find the heavens of all the major religions. These Belief System Territories have actually been created by human consciousness and by religious leaders preaching over the centuries about their heavens that their devotees will arrive at after death. Belief is an extremely potent thing. What we believe in life as a massive impact on what we will experience after death. A universal law states that like attracts like. Therefore when we die, unless we get stuck we will move on to to these belief system territories if we have strong religious beliefs.


This level of consciousness, or region of the afterlife is also known as the hollow heavens. People, who arrive in these hollow heavens after death, live according to what has been taught to them during life, as to what to expect in heaven. A person may reside in one of these hollow heavens until a point arrives when they start to notice inconsistencies in the particular doctrines that their religion preaches. At this point, they can no longer resonate with those present in that particular hollow heaven and they will leave and move onwards to a fuller state of being .


Focus 27

Focus 27 is the state of consciousness or after life region where most people arrive when they die, unless they have had a strong religious belief or have got stuck in Focus 23.


The options available to those in Focus 27 are vast. Those residing in Focus 27 are involved in many activities. Some may choose to help those physically alive as a guide or help those stuck in Focus 23 move onwards.


In Focus 27 we will also find people who are recuperating from a painful or difficult physical death, attended by doctors and nurses, just in the manner they might expect. Sometimes, due to a traumatic death, a person may need a period of recuperation before they can take up their new activities in full.


Here we can also find scientists and technicians working on projects, just like here in the physical world, only they have access to vast amounts of information and understanding.


Electronic Communication with Afterlife

Although it may sound remarkable, there are scientists working in Focus 27 who are in communication with those in physical life. Some of these scientists in Focus 27 are currently working on projects that will enable two-way communication between those who are physically alive and those who have died, using physical life technology. Although this may appear astounding, much progress has been made. Numerous groups around the world have been receiving messages on computers, audio tape, telephone and even television. Although it may be difficult for you to believe that such things are actually possible, you will hear a lot more about this technology over the next few years.


Reincarnation - a possibility

Whatever activity we choose on arriving in Focus 27, there may comes a point where we decide to return to physical life in order to grow more fully or help others grow or even bring a wonderful new invention into physical reality.

There are also other Focus Levels, but it is not necessary to cover these here.