Dr Raymond Moody

Author of numerous outstanding books about the Near Death Experience

Near Death

Life After Life

In 1977 a rather unique book entitled "Life after Life" was published by Dr Raymond Moody. This book related the experiences of many people who had died for a number of minutes and then returned to physical life. Incredibly though it may seem, a great many of these people experienced the same or very similar things during the period that they were clinically dead.

Prior to this book being published, almost no one had heard about the near death experience.


These Experiences are very common !

In 1982 the Gallup polling organisation discovered that eight million adult Americans have had near death experiences. This is about one person in twenty, which a very large number that cannot be ignored or brushed off lightly.

More recently, in 1997 the U.S. News & World Report survey found that over 15 Million Adult Americans have claimed to have had an NDE.

Most people do not talk freely about their experiences for fear of ridicule. Fortunately however, this is happening less & less as more people learn about the near death experience.

A person having had a near-death experience in virtually every instance, no longer has any fear of death.


Floating above the body

In Raymond Moody's research, he discovered that at the point of physical death the individuals find themselves floating above their physical body immersed in feelings of total peace and the absence of fear. The newly deceased person finds that they can hear the thoughts of those present and discover that they can also move through walls and solid matter with great ease.


The Tunnel

In about 40% of cases a tunnel may appear towards which they are drawn. They find themselves quickly moving through this tunnel often accompanied by a humming sensation.


The Light

As they move through this tunnel the individual notices that a light is getting closer to them and soon they find themselves arriving into this brilliant light.


Meeting deceased Loved Ones

At this point many people report meeting with deceased friends and relatives. Occasionally people see cities of light that are more beautiful than anything we can imagine in physical reality.


Telepathic Communication

During this experience the individual discovers that they can communicate with others telepathically that results in immediate understanding.


The Being of Light

Most people then meet a radiant being. Some believe this radiant being is God while others say he was Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna etc. It seems that each person translates this being according to their own religious beliefs. Whoever this being actually is, he is full of love and understanding. Usually at this point the being tells the individual that they must return to physical life. However, before the person returns they are shown a review of their physical lifetime.


The Life Review

This life review starts at the person's birth and continues through their lifetime to the point at which they died. This panoramic life review does not occur in time, as we know it. People have described it as everything happening at the same time, but also occurring chronologically from the time of birth through childhood, adolescence and adult years right up to the point of their death. In this review the person find themselves reliving all that they have done during their life. The individual not only sees every action that they have made in life but they also see and feel the effects of their actions upon the lives of others.


No Judgement

In virtually every case the individual believes that they are actually judging themselves and what they have done during life. They feel great sadness during the parts of the review where their actions have hurt other people, but they also feel great joy for the actions that have made others happiness.


Return to Physical Life

Once the life review is complete, the being of light tells the person that they must now return to physical life as they still have things to achieve before they can return to this wondrous place. Most people say that at this point they feel great reluctance to return as it will mean having to leave this rapturous and wonderful state of being.


Time does not exist

People who have near-death experiences always say that time in this state of being is either greatly compressed or does not exist at all. Some say that the experience could have lasted a second or even an eternity. In other words, it cannot be described in the normal ways in which we understand time.