Dr Ian Stevenson

Highly respected scientist who has scientifically documented over 3000 cases of reincarnation.

Science's View

Scientific Research into Past Lives


In 1961 Dr Ian Stevenson (head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine) visited India in order to document & hopefully verify one specific case of reincarnation.


After one month in India Dr Stevenson had over twenty five verifiable cases of reincarnation.


Today, Dr Ian Stevenson has over 3000 documented cases.


It is importants to note that Dr Stevenson is actually one of the most respected scientists in the United States. He has done specialised research into xenoglossy (speaking languages completely unknown during waking consciousness) and his book “Xenoglossy” is one of the leading scientific studies in this area.


In this book he documents a study he made of a 37-year-old American woman. Under hypnosis, this woman experienced a complete change of voice and personality into that of a male. She spoke fluently in the Swedish language which was a language she did not speak or understand when in the normal state of consciousness.


Dr Stevenson's involvement with this fascinating case lasted over eight years. The study involved linguists and other  scientists who thoroughly investigated every alternative explanation.


The subject and her physician husband were thoroughly investigated and fraud was ruled out. They were under continuous close scrutiny, and did not want publicity and agreed to the publication of the study providing their names were changed in order to protect their privacy. The husband and wife were both considered by their local community to be: honest, decent and their behaviour exemplary. There was certainly no motive for personal profit. Rather, they were greatly inconvenience over many years in order to fully complete the study.


Dr Ian Stevenson has published a number of books on the subject of reincarnation and these books are based on rigorous research are highly academic in nature. These books include: Children Who Remember Previous Live and Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect