The Afterlife / Spiritual State

The state in which we exist between physical lifetimes



Hypnotic Regression to Between Lives

During many past life regressions, hypnotists have asked their subjects to describe what happened during the period AFTER a previous death.

A  book entitled “Life Between Life” by Joel L. Whitton and Joe Fisher investigates what happens to us in this Spiritual State between physical lives. This exploration into the Afterlife and our planning of future physical lives which has been gained through hypnotic regressions throws much light on what happens to us deep into the experience of death.

Some very interesting information has evolved from these sources:

It would appear that most people when they die go through the typical experiences mentioned earlier from the research of Dr Raymond Moody.

However, further into the experience of death it would appear that there are many options available to the person who has died.

Most people however, at some stage choose to be reborn into physical life again in order to further their evolution and growth.


The Law of Karma

From this universal law of Karma or self-balance we discover that everything we do in life will have an effect on our own lives. Whenever we do something that causes another person suffering, then it is inevitable that we will also suffer in some manner in the future as a result of that action.

Thus all of our actions (in thoughts, words, and deeds) actually mould our reality and create the circumstances of our lives.

Whatever causes us suffering in our lives has actually been created by our own past actions, in thought, word and deed. We are totally responsible for all that happens to us and will happen to us. Therefore we can also have great influence on what we experience in the future if we change our behaviour (in thought, word and deeds) from this point onwards. If we just go on repeating the same negative causes in life then we receive the same affects again and again. However, whenever we change the causes we are making in the present into more favourable ones then we are actually guaranteed that our future circumstances must also change as a result.

Through numerous hypnotic regressions into the spiritual state between lives and also actual regressions into a number of people’s successive physical lifetimes there is much evidence to suggest that this natural law of Karma really does exist and applies to all people.


Enables Growth

It is this law of karma or self-balance that can enable us to grow in wisdom and understanding. It enables us to gradually gain balance in all areas of our lives.


May affect Future Lives

Because life is eternal, much of the retribution we bring on ourselves can also be in future lives. Evidence from past life regressions indicate that we attract into our lives those people who in the past we have hurt, and also those who have hurt us.


Karma & Reincarnation

It is because of the existence of this universal law of karma, that we form bonds of debt to other people that we will need to balance at some point in the future. It is because of this law of karma that we usually choose to be reborn again and again into earthly life.

It can often take many lifetimes to make amends to those whom we have hurt and let others who have hurt us also pay back their debts. We may encounter each other again and again !

Certain deeply embedded characteristics also appear to surface again and again throughout numerous lifetimes.


Have we have Met Before ?

There is much evidence to suggests that our families, our friends and our foes return together with us to physical life again and again even though our actual relationship to each other may change somewhat. Although we may form karmic bonds to others during physical lifetimes  we are also born with those who we need for our growth and also those who need us for theirs.


Choosing our Life’s Circumstances

We also choose the major circumstances of our lives before we are born. We do this in order to enable us to evolve more fully and help others to do the same.

In the vast state of consciousness we experience in the spiritual state between lifetimes, we have much greater access to knowledge and understanding than we may have during physical life. We are able to see very clearly what type of experiences and relationships we will need for our growth. Some very advanced souls may even choose very difficult lives of hardship or handicap in order to develop more quickly or even to help others develop more quickly.

Great growth can come from having a difficult lifetime and the trade-off between “hardship for a few years” may not seem that great a burden compared to the great growth and evolution of our consciousness we will experience as a result.

It is important to understand that we are never forced to have physical lives than we do not wish for. We choose everything for ourselves based on what we need to learn, and we always have access to advice from others who are more evolved than ourselves.


The Purpose of Life

It would appear that, the purpose of life is to grow spiritually and help others to do the same.

Although we may choose these major things for ourselves before we are born, once we are actually here in this physical world,  we have complete free well to do as we choose.