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  Life, Death & Our Purpose


  A Near Death Experience (NDE) occurs when a person who has clinically died for a number of minutes experiences a continuation of their consciousness during that period of temporary death. Of course all those experiencing NDEs are eventually resuscitated. However, they often have fascinating stories to tell. These include such things as floating above their physical body, watching doctors & nurses trying to resuscitate them, feelings of great peace, moving rapidly through a tunnel, a bright light, meeting with deceased relatives, having a life review and many other common experiences. People of all creeds, colours & religions have NDEs and undergo nearly identical experiences, and it is not limited to those who believe in an afterlife.


  Interestingly, the highly respected international medical journal The Lancet, last December published the results of a 13-year study of Near Death Experiences in 10 different Dutch hospitals. The results of this study indicate that human consciousness actually can survive physical death. Although millions of people from around the world claim to have had a Near Death Experience, this is the first purely scientific study that has yield such thought provokinghard evidence that we survive death.


  The Institute for Afterlife Research based at Tara in County Meath, has recently started teaching one and two-day workshops that examine the abundant & fascinating evidence for life after physical death. These unique workshops are the first of their kind to be held anywhere in Europe and are already provoking considerable interest.


  The primary aims of The Institute for Afterlife Research are to assist individuals in overcoming their fears of death and to discover a renewed sense of purpose and appreciation of daily life.


  This is achieved through participants examining in considerable detail the very tangible and abundant evidence for the eternity of life and the purpose of physical life.


  This evidence is presented through Stimulating Lectures, Audiovisual Programs, Group Discussion and Practical Exercises. Participants learn about Near Death Experiences, The Evidence for Past Lives, The Purpose of Physical Life as well as many other related subjects. These workshops are targeted towards adults of all ages that wish to better understand their purpose in life or to discover “that something” that may be missing from their life. The workshops can also be helpful in overcoming the fear of death as well as assisting participants to discover their greater potential.


  Mike Pettigrew, founder of The Institute for Afterlife Research claims that looking at the subject of life after death can actually give us a renewed appreciation of daily life and a deeper understanding of our purpose in life. He says that all the evidence points to just two things; we are all here in this world to grow spiritually and to help others to do the same.


  One workshop participant recently wrote, "Looking at the subject of life after death in such detail really does give you a wonderful appreciation of daily life and this incredible journey that we all share".


  Workshops conducted by The Institute for Afterlife Research examine these important subjects in an inspiring manner that has no religious or theoretical bias and are based on the common experiences of very large numbers of people.


  The Institute for Afterlife Research has a web site that is a comprehensive resource of evidence for the continuance of life after physical death. Their web site also provides information about forthcoming workshops and visitors can purchase their audiocassette “What Happens When We Die?” online.


  If you have had a Near Death Experience or any other kind of encounter with the afterlife The Institute for Afterlife Research would love to hear from you.


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