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“What Happens When We Die ?”



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Audio Book

  • Do we Survive Physical Death?
  • Are we Judged?
  • Is there an Afterlife?
  • What will we Do After Death?
  • Do all People Reincarnate?
  • What is the Purpose of Physical Life?
  • How can we Explore the Afterlife?

In this fascinating Audio Book, Mike Pettigrew, founder of The Institute for Afterlife Research investigates the answers to these crucially important questions.


“Your tape makes for riviting listening. Thank you!”
Neil P (Radio Talkshow Host)

“It is absolutely fascinating! I feel a much fuller human being. Certainly the documented experiences have to confirm one thing; that there is an afterlife and a place where we go”
Seamus R (Radio Talkshow Host)

"Looking at the subject of life after death in such detail really does give you a wonderful appreciation of daily life and this incredible journey that we all share"
Johnny W (Documentary Film Producer)

”The Audio Tape was absolutely terrific! It is a fascinating subject”
Fran F (Radio Talkshow Host)

“Thanks for the tapes. I have listened to them and they are very ,very good. They should certainly help people think !”
Terry W (Medical Intuitive, Healer & Medium)

Audio Book Chapters

The Near Death Experience
Dannion Brinkley
Far into the experience of Death
The Evidence for Past Lives
The Law of Karma
Childrens Memories of a Past Life
The Purpose of Physical Life
Out of Body Travel
Robert Monroe
A Map of the Afterlife
Bruce Moen
Instrumental Transcommunications

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