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The Monroe Institute.

Research institution that explores human consciousness using Hemi-Sync (sound) technology. This technology enables exploration of non-physical realms.

Afterlife Knowledge

Excellent Website of Bruce Moen, author and leading authority on afterlife exploration. Bruce offers exciting workshops that enable ordinary people to voyage into the afterlife and gain verification of the reality of their experiences.

William Buhlman

This website by leading author William Buhlman examines Out of Body Experiences and offers techniques that can initiate these experiences.

Psychomanteums and Scrying

Most people can have reunions with departed loved ones when a number of simple steps are followed.

Instrumental Transcommunication

Numerous groups around the world are conducting experiments in Afterlife communication using electronic means. This website offers a facinating look at these methods.

Out of Body Research Foundation

An organisation involved in the research of Out of Body Experiences.


An organisation that teaches courses that can enable you to achieve the out of body state.

After Death Communication Research Foundation

An organisation involved in researching the validity of communications with the Afterlife.

Victor Zammit

A fascinating and extremely well researched web site where Victor Zammit, a respected Lawyer, Presents the Case for the Afterlife