Listener's Comments

The following are some of the comments received from listeners of the Gerry Ryan Show on 22nd October 2002.

Hi Mike, 

Very interesting interview on 2FM today, You've made some very interesting and scientific points, but I'm not so sure of the re-incarnation stuff 

All the best 


Hi Mike/Izar, 

Yep picked you up on 2FM today as well - truely excellent. 

Superb website BTW - Izar - the reincarnation idea is fascinating - have a look at the evidence - there's lots around. 

Will definitely arrnage to come for a 2 day course. 

Best regards, 


Heard the interview while in the car and thought it was amazing, have sent an email and I am dying (excuse the pun) to do a course. 

Best regards, 

Hi mike. 
I found the discussing very interesting. I had to ring a few friends just to make sure they were listing in to 2fm. we have had a few freaky things happen to us i can't wait to look up the web site. 

regards Bm

Hi, caught the programme this morning on the bus on the way to work. The discussion was fascinating and I look forward to going over your website and learning more. I have an open mind and although some of the examples were hard to believe who am I to say they are impossible. 

I dream every single night, and I am sure once you rid yourself of the rubbish, many of these dreams are important in themselves. 

Excellent website.


Great interview on 2fm today.I have philosophised about the nature of existence for many yrs, and to hear that science is gradually becoming a companion of religion rather than a competitor in trying to understand reality, will hearten many like me, who wish to see both used in the same framework. 

Great stuff.

Hi Mike, 

Listened to your interview by Gerry Ryan on 22/10/02 found it to be fascinating. I didn't believe in an after life before but I do now and I intend following up on my current interest. I may attend one of you seminars, but first I intend buying some of the books you suggested.

Hi Mike, 
I heard your interview on Gerry Ryan last week and i have to say i am truly amazed and fascinated by this whole topic. I have spent hours researching Dannion Brinkley on the internet tonight. I have also spent many hours dwelling on the subject in the last week. My questions are: what do you think of the other world we seem to go to in the next life? What is this continuation of a cycle we seem to be taking all about? And how would you connect it with our evolvement, as in, how we came to be here in the first place as a human race? Where did we come from? Do you think it is possible that a far more advanced world on the other side is controlling us? Alot to swallow there i know, but i cant seem to put into words what i am thinking, sorry.


Many thanks to all those who have sent us their comments!