Have we lived before ?

There is much evidence from Hypnosis & the Spontaneous Memories of young children that most of us have had former physical lives.

Past Lives


Hypnotic Regressions

Some years ago, a hypnotist was regressing a client back to an event that was troubling that persons present circumstances. The hypnotist asked his client to go back to the time and memory where the present day problem originated. To his amazement his client started relating in great detail and clarity an event from a previous life that was causing the present-day problem.


Verification is Possible

Many people have checked up on the validity of their past life memories only to discover that the person who they claim to have been in a form a lifetime really the existed and in the manner in which they remember.


Speaking in Foreign Languages

In numerous cases subjects have even started speaking in a foreign language that was unknown to them during waking consciousness. Some people who claim to have memories of numerous past lives are able to speak each of the languages they used during those former lifetimes while under hypnosis. This happens even though these languages are unknown to them during normal waking consciousness.


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Children’s Past Life Memories

There have been many cases where small children have spontaneously remembered events from a former lifetime. This often happens where there are numerous stimuli in the child's environment that act as reminders of that former lifetime. Hypnosis is not necessary in these circumstances.

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