NDE After Effects


The After Affects of Near Death Experiences

The after-affects for those who have undergone an NDE are many and complex.


Common Psychological After Affects

No Fear of Death

As a result of having an NDE experiencers no longer have any fear of death & understand death to be a wonderful adventure the lies ahead.


More Empathic

Typically those who have had an NDE generally become more empathic, caring and accepting of those around them.


More Spiritual

Most become more spiritual, but not necessarily religious. Fears & worries tend to dissolve and the individual is more focussed on their inner growth & awareness.


Time has little Meaning

As a result of having experienced a timeless state during their NDE, many individuals are no longer a “slave to time” and often reject schedules and other time constraints.


Psychic Ability

Many individuals become highly intuitive or psychic. Many of these people claim to know about events before they actually take place. Telepathy or the ability to read the “hearts & minds” of others is also fairly common, also the ability to communicate with those who have died.


Common Physical After Affects

It is very interesting to note that the pattern of side affects experienced as a result of an NDE are not just purely psychological. There are also many interesting physical side affects that become obseravable as a result of such an experience.


These are:

  • Looking and behaving in a more youthful manner.
  • Having a greater “sparkle” in the eyes.
  • Greater energy for life.
  • More sensitive to light, sound & noise levels.
  • Looking at things in a fresh way & seeing everything as new or with childlike wonderment.
  • Boredom levels are greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • Physical wounds heal more quickly.
  • Stress is no longer a common experience.
  • An increase in metabolic rate of the individual.
  • Sensitivity to allergans & also toxins in food.
  • Reduction in blood pressure.
  • A desire to eat more healthy foods.
  • A great desire for greater knowledge & understanding.
  • Surfacing of gifts such as healing ability.

and many more..........


The above information is extracted from P.M.H. Atwater’s wonderful book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Near Death Experiences