Have we lived before ?

Hypnosis makes it possible to gain much information about former physical lifetimes and the Spiritual State between Physical Lives.

Hypnotic Regression

Hypnotic Regressions

Hypnotism is a very effective means of assisting a subject to relax deeply and enter a suggestible state where memories that are normally forgotten can be recalled with greater ease from the subconscious.

A great deal of evidence for the existence of past lives comes from hypnotic regressions. The practice of past life regressions is the result of a single hypnotist who asked his client under hypnosis to go back to the time and memory where the client's problem originated. To the amazement of this hypnotist his client started relating an experience from a former physical lifetime that was causing the present problem.

Since that first experience, past life regressions and past life therapy have yielded a considerable amount of evidence for the existence of previous lives and the Afterlife.


Past Life Therapy

The hypnotherapist mentioned above had suddenly stumbled on what later became known as Past Life Therapy.

Past life therapy recognises that some afflictions taking place in this life can sometimes have their roots in a former physical lifetime.

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Hypnotists conducting regressions to former lifetimes need to make sure that they do not ask their client leading questions, since this can initiate guided fantasies that bear absolutely no relationship to true past life memories. A skilled hypnotist will always ask open-ended questions in order to uncover true memories.


Verification is Often Possible

Verification of the reality of these previous lives is often possible. This "proof" of the reality of reincarnation and former physical lives is possible when a person checks up on those former lifetimes through genealogical and historical records.

Through detailed research, many individuals have discovered that the person who they remember to have been in a former physical lifetime really existed and in the manner in which they remember.



During many of these past life regressions, individuals have spoken in languages that were completely unknown to them during normal waking consciousness. In some cases, these have been languages that are no longer commonly spoken and that only experts in ancient languages have been able to understand.

After all other explanations have been investigated - such as fraud, genetic memory, telepathy and cryptomnesia (the remembering of a foreign language learned earlier), xenoglossy is taken as evidence of either memories of a language learned in a past life or of communication with a discarnate entity— a spirit person.

There are many cases on record of adults and children speaking and writing languages, which they have never learned. Sometimes this happens spontaneously but more often it occurs while the person is under hypnosis or in an altered state of consciousness. In some cases it is only a few words remembered but in other cases the person becomes totally fluent and able to converse with native speakers sometimes in obscure dialects, which have not been in use for centuries.


The Bloxham Tapes

Some years ago a fascinating documentary was aired on British TV entitled The Bloxham Tapes. This documentary researched and analysed the experiences of people regressed into past lives by  hypnotist Arnall Bloxham. The film team recorded a number of sessions in which Arnall Bloxham regressed various subjects back to former lifetimes.  Amazingly, a number of those past life memories which were later fully researched yielded definite evidence to support the reality of those memories.