Robert Monroe

founder of the Monroe Institute

Out of Body

Travel beyond the Body

Astral projection or Out of Body Travel is an ability that some people possess which enables them to separate their consciousness from their physical body.


Travel Anywhere

Many people who have fully conscious and self-initiated Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) report that they can go anywhere and in any time period past present or future in the physical world.


Verification of Experience

Many people have been able to go out of body to a distant location and observed a friend or relative and what they were involved in doing at that time. These people have later checked with that friend or relative only to discover that that person was doing exactly what they had observed them doing while they were out of body. Thus, there is much evidence to indicate that out of Body Travel or Astral projection can indeed allow a person to visit and observe events taking place in the physical world.


Visits to Afterlife

Astral projection can also allow a person to visit and explore non-physical realities such as the after life.

In this Out of Body state we can perceive and communicate with those people who have already died. As a tool for exploration of the after life, astral projection can be a great asset. It can enable us to gain access to information and awareness of what happens when we die to a very considerable degree.


A Technique you can Learn

There are many techniques available to initiate the Out of Body state.

Many of those techniques require disciplined and daily practice before we can achieve this Out of Body state. For some individuals going out of body is as easy as taking off one's clothes. However for the vast majority of normal people it is nowhere as easy as this.

To initiate this Out of Body state it is necessary to deeply relax the body and the mind.

Should you be interested in pursuing out-of-body experiences then there are numerous fascinating books on the subject.

Visit  William Buhlman’s Website for a wealth of information about this fascinating way of exploring the Afterlife.

Also try International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology an organisation that teaches courses that can enable you to achieve the out of body state.


Robert Monroe & The Monroe Institute

Another author that I particularly recommend is Robert Monroe.

Back in the 1950s Robert Monroe was a very successful businessman who owned and number of radio stations and was a rather well known person in the media world. He was a very down-to-earth rational and had no interest or experience in anything esoteric.


His first OBE

Spontaneously, one night he had what at first appeared to be a very strange dream. In this “dream” he found himself floating above his physical body and looking down on his sleeping body below. He got such a fright that he literally “swam” his way back to his physical body & almost immediately was inside it again.


Strange Vibrations

This was Bob Monroe's first out-of-body experience. This experience began to reoccur so often that he thought that he must be seriously ill, perhaps with a brain tumour. These out-of-body experiences were always preceded by a strange vibration sensation that would begin at the feet and work it's way up his body. As he unable to control these sensations and experiences he became convinced that he was going to die. He visited numerous doctors and had many tests carried out on him. These tests proved nothing out of the ordinary was wrong with him.

Eventually, while discussing these experiences with a friend, the friend excitedly informed Bob that what he was experiencing sounded like Astral Travel. He told him that only  Mystics, Yogis and Shamans of the East had the ability to leave their physical bodies temporarily to achieve indescribable mystical insights.

Understandably, Bob certainly did not share his friend’s enthusiasm, but finally he had an explanation that at least made some sense. Later, he decided to experiment and see to what use he could put his new talents.


Journeys into the Afterlife

His remarkable voyages of discovery in the non-physical states of existence are documented in his three books:

Journeys Out of the BodyFar Journeys and Ultimate Journey.

Robert Monroe decided to set up a research organisation called theMonroe Institute. Initially this organisation was dedicated to studying this strange phenomenon that was occurring to him. It later evolved its scope into a potent research organisation for studying and experimenting with human consciousness.