The Nature of Reality

Scientific Theory is now beginning to recognise the possibility of other realities

Science's View

The Makup of Physical Matter


When we look through our electron microscopes we discover that matter is actually mostly made up of Free Space.

The Subatomic Particles we find at this minute level of reality also exhibit unusual properties – like the ability to be in two places simultaneously.

Since matter is mostly made up of free space it is possible that many other simultaneously realities could co-exist with our physical reality - only separated by frequency, kile different octaves on a piono.


Twelve Separate Realities


As a result of new developments in Quantum Physics there is now a theory postulated by scientists that there could exist up to twelve separate realities co-existing and interpenetrating in the same physical space, but separated in terms of vibratory rate.

This could be likened to the way different radio stations can broadcast on numerous frequencies but do not interfere with one another due to their different frequencies.

It would appear from these new theories that the afterlife could be all around us, literally only a breath away

The common expression – “Up There” would actually be in frequency not altitude.