Dr Melvin Morse

Authority on Children’s Near Death Experiences

Children NDEs

Lack of Conditioning

The openness and honesty displayed by small children makes for fascinating studies into the experiences of what happens when we die.


The Near Death Experiences (NDEs) of children also allow us unbiased and unconditioned glimpses of what happens to us after physical death. These experiences are truly fascinating in cases where the child is so young that they have not yet acquired religious or social conditioning. 


Dr Melvin Morse is a paediatrician and neuroscientist who has spent over fifteen years studying the Near Death Experiences (NDEs) of children.

Similar to NDEs of Adults

What is particularly fascinating about these experiences is their great similarity to the NDEs experienced by grown adults, but often without the associated sociological and religious conditioning that adults often possess.


In children too young to have absorbed our adult views and ideas of death, we hear first hand accounts of out of body travel, telepathic communication, and encounters with dead friends and relatives.


Children who have had an NDE generally become much more mature than before their experience. They also suddenly possess a wisdom “beyond their years”. Interestingly, adults who have had an NDE seem to become more childlike! Children also seem to acquire greater ability and passion for music & mathematics.

Dr P.M.H. Atwater

Author of “Children of the New Millennium” - a Major Study of Children’s Near Death Experiences



Major Study of Children’s NDEs

Dr P.M.H. Atwater, one of the longest researchers of near death experiences conducted an in-depth study of NDEs experienced by children of ages ranging from birth to age 15. This fascinating study of 277 cases has broken a great deal of new ground and enhanced our understanding of the near death experiences of children.


Some of P.M.H. Atwater’s findings from that study include:

  • Children become more mature as a result of their experience
  • Children who have had a near death experience become highly intelligent with several having an IQ of genius level
  • Child experiencers become much more creative and inventive
  • These children are drawn to and are highly proficient at mathematics, science, history & music
  • A large number of these children later go on to have careers in mathematics, science & history and many also become top physicists and inventors
  • Many children who have a near death experience also have a light and sound sensitivity (same for adult experiencers)
  • Those who have a near death experience during childhood are more likely to enjoy long-lasting marriages
  • 80% of those who have had an NDE as a child go on to work in satisfying jobs and stay in the same career (with adult experiencers it is usually the opposite)
  • Children who have near death experiences tend to become very spiritual and may actually plead with their parents to go to places of worship


The above information is borrowed from P.M.H. Atwater’s wonderful book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Near Death Experiences