Dannion Brinkley

The longest clinically documented Near Death Experience

Dannion Brinkley

Dannion Brinkley had a near-death experience (NDE) that lasted 28 minutes. This is the longest clinically documented near-death experience ever recorded. His experiences during these 28 minutes are related in great detail in his wonderful and inspiring best seller "Saved by the Light".


Was a Violent Man

Dannion Brinkley was born and raised in rural South Carolina and even at an early age he was a bully and inflicted much suffering on others. In his late teens he joined the Marines. He now had a way of channelling his anger and violence into becoming a “killing machine”. Dannion so excelled at what he did that he was recruited into an intelligence unit and became a government assassin executing the removal of enemy politicians and military personnel. He says that he even enjoyed his job.


Struck by Lightening

In 1975 while speaking on the telephone, Dannion was struck by lightning in the neck. During the period of his clinical death, Dannion underwent all aspects of the classic near-death experience.


Floating above his body

Dannion found himself floating above his physical body as the paramedics tried to resuscitate him. The paramedics and doctors tried all they could but they were not able to resuscitate him.


The Tunnel

While floating above his body, Dannion noticed that a tunnel was forming. Dannion moved into the tunnel. As the tunnel spiralled around him there he heard the sound of seven chimes ringing in rhythmic succession. As he quickly moved through the darkness he noticed that he was approaching a light.


The Light

This Light became brighter and brighter until he found himself standing in the brightest light he had ever experienced. However, this light did not hurt his eyes. Dannion then saw a radiant silver form approaching him which appeared like a silhouette through mist.


Being of Light

Dannion felt a deep sense of love radiating towards him from this being. As the being approached, these feelings became almost too pleasurable to withstand. He noticed that his body and that of the being shimmered with light and that they were constructed in the same manner.


Other Beings

As he began to look around he noticed that below him were other beings that looked like him. These beings appear to be lost and shimmered at a rate much less than his. While focussing on these beings he noticed his own rate of vibration slowing-down until he felt uncomfortable. As he looked above him he saw brighter and more radiant beings than he.


His Life Review

The being of light then engulfed him. As it did so he began to re-experience all that he had gone through during his life, feeling and seeing everything that it ever happened to him. Dannion's life review was very unpleasant. He realised that he had been self-centred and mean. He experienced the pain he had caused others through his violence and humiliation. He even had to experience the pain and confusion of the people who he had killed, as they died. He felt the grief of the relatives of these individuals and also felt the affects of the loss of this persons in every permutation possible.


He Judged Himself

There were also parts of Dannion’s life review where he felt great joy. These were the times he had given love to others or had helped them in some meaningful way. Dannion is very clear that during this life review nobody judged him. he says that the person who will judge us most harshly is always ourselves.


Love and Removal of Guilt

At the end of the panoramic life review Dannion arrived at his point of reflection. As he looked at the being of light he felt a deep sense of sorrow and shame. However, the being conveyed to him telepathically "who you are is the difference that God makes, and that difference is love".

As the being moved away he felt the burden of his guilt being removed.


The Secret to Life

The being also said telepathically "Humans are powerful spiritual beings meant to create good on the earth. This good isn't usually accomplished in bold actions, but in singular acts of kindness between people. It's the little things that count, because they are more spontaneous and show who you truly are".

It was only at this point that Dannion realised his life was over, he had been struck by lightning and he was now dead. He had been given this secret of life too late.


Full of Forgiveness

Dannion is very clear that the the being of light was full of forgiveness. There was no harsh judgement; the being of light was rather a friendly counsel as he was bathed in the love that embraced him.

Dannion and the being of light then started to move upwards.


The City of Light

Dannion began to vibrate at a higher rate of speed until the point where he could perceive beautiful mountains as though shrouded in mist. On the mountainside were lights, and as he drew closer he realised he was entering a city filled with light. The city appeared to be composed of beautiful majestic buildings composed of crystals, which radiated feelings of awe and majesty.


“Cathedrals” of Light

Dannion says that the walls of these “cathedrals” were made of what looked like large plexiglass bricks that glowed from within. These “cathedrals” were not related to a specific religion of any kind. As he moved into one of these “cathedrals” he realised that he was in this place to be instructed in some way.

He could not see anyone else, yet he had the strong feeling that the benches in this “cathedral” were filled with other people. At the front of the “cathedral” was a long podium, which glowed like white quartz.


Thirteen Beings of Light

Suddenly the podium was filled with beings of light. There where 13 of these beings and each one of them represented a different emotional and psychological characteristic that all humans have. Each one of them seemed to represent a sign of the Zodiac. The 13th being seemed to preside over the other 12 beings.


Visions of the Future

Dannion was approached by each one of these beings with what look like a small box. Each time this happened the box opened up to reveal what looks like a small TV screen. Scene showing events from the future appeared on the screen that would grow in size until Dannion found himself inside the scene. These were major world events that would take place in the future. There were over 300 of these scenes, 117 of these were Major world events that Dannion was told would take place in the future (1975 and 2012). Dannion was immersed in events ranging from the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, the break-up of the former Soviet Union, the Gulf War, changes to our Earth's climate, breakthroughs in technology and many other things. Now (in 2002) about 100 of these very specific global events have already occurred.


Build Centres

Dannion was also instructed to build special centres that were to be comprised of seven rooms. The purpose of these centres would be to enable people to touch their own spiritual essence through reducing the stress in their lives.

The seven rooms, each a step in the process were as follows:

  • A therapy room, in which people could come together and talk to each other.
  • A massage clinic, where people are not only massaged, but they also massage others.
  • A sensory deprivation chamber, which is a kind of chamber that will allow people to relax and go deep within themselves.
  • A room equipped with biofeedback machines that lets people see the extent to which they can control their emotions.
  • An area for readings that allows those with psychic abilities to provide patients with personal insights.
  • A room with a bed whose musical components relax a person so deeply that he can actually leave his body.
  • A reflection chamber made of polished steel or copper on the inside and shaped in such a way that the person inside can't see his own reflection.


Return to Physical Life

Dannion's was eventually told he must return to physical life. He arrived back in the hospital to find his cold dead body (which was just about to be taken off to the morgue) covered by a sheet. His death certificate had already been written. Suddenly he found himself back in his cold dead body and it felt like he was on fire. The pain was almost unbearable, but he was able to blow on the sheet that was covering him. The orderlies noticed the sheet being blown and Dannion was rushed into the emergency room once again and his very slow recuperation began.

Dannion was in great pain and paralysed for some time. He quickly discovered that he now had some unusual abilities that enabled him to read the minds of others and see things that would happen in the future.


Hospice Work

Since his near death experience in 1975 Dannion Brinkley has led a truly remarkable life devoted to the happiness of others. His wonderful organisation Compassion in Action, recruits, trains and supports hospice volunteers and he has spent thousands of hours by the bedside of those are dying. His second book "At Peace in the Light" describes his experiences and insights in helping the dying.


Predictions have come True

Dannion's major world predictions are coming to pass with astounding accuracy, he has already set up a number of centres. He is known as one of the greatest psychics living in the world at this time and is a great inspiration to many.