Your Repeated Choices Create Your Life

Did you know that your choices actually determine the course of your life?

Your beliefs and your repeated choices determine your actions, and your actions determine your results.

So, if you haven't achieved what you want from life, or if you are just putting up with a dissatisfying sense of mediocrity, then its probably time to choose a better way.

[00:00] Hi, this is Mike Pettigrew, serial entrepreneur and best selling author and did you know that your choices determine the course of your life? Your repeated choices, your beliefs determine your actions and your actions determine your results, but it's all determined by your choices. We choose to believe certain things. We choose to believe that we could never achieve this or we could never achieve that. We choose our entire lives all of the time. Now you may think that bad things happen and we get setbacks and we're not exactly choosing that. Maybe not, but we have great ability to choose how we react to those changing circumstances. It's very, very easy to get locked into an emotion - get locked in suffering and there comes a point where we need to choose a new direction or we can continue to slide even in the cases of bereavement.[01:02] Bereavement is awful. We lose someone we love. I mean there is a process of grieving, but there comes a point where we need to choose a different direction. We need to pick ourselves up and choose something different or continue to slide - our choices, determine everything. So what are you choosing for yourself? Are you choosing to believe limiting thoughts that holds you back - limiting thoughts - they're holding you back from achieving your life's biggest dreams and in my best seller, The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World. I describe a very simple process to root out your limiting beliefs into the light of day and changing them once and for all. Very simple, very powerful, but our limiting beliefs are the biggest factor in determining what we can or cannot achieve. In fact, limiting beliefs are the biggest thing that stops people from achieving their goals.[02:01] But you can choose something different. So the power of choice is amazing. You can choose to go in a totally new direction. You can choose to continue to be dominated by your limiting beliefs in your life held back, or you can choose a new direction. So what are these limiting beliefs? Well, from the time we're born, as we go through life, we are bombarded by all these beliefs that are bs and we adopt these same beliefs as our own. When we're very young, we watched our parents and we listened to the things that they say and their beliefs become our beliefs. We adopt the same attitude. Then when we go to school we adopt the attitude and beliefs of our classmates and the teacher. So by the time we arrive in our twenties, we have all these accumulation of limiting beliefs that are holding us back from achieving amazing lives.[02:57] And I've seen this again and again. Again, kids arriving in their late teens, early twenties, they're full of excitement for the future, but, but by the time they reach the age of around 30, they've had the hell knocked out of them. They've had the stuffing knocked out and they have encountered real hardships and roadblocks on the path and their dreams are often shattered and they end up just putting up with a dissatisfying sense of mediocrity. And that's choice. Again, that's choice, but there is another way you can find out what your limiting beliefs are, root them out into the light of day and do a very simple exercise to eliminate them once and for all, and I'm talking about limiting beliefs in any area of life, be it finances, relationships, career, anything you want, a very simple process that can change it, so please choose something different if life has been difficult for a long time.[03:56] If you haven't achieved what you want, if you are just putting up with a dissatisfying mediocrity right now, choose a better way. Pick up my best seller The Most Powerful Achievement System in the World, and it will help you carve a brand new direction in your life and achieve all the things, all the dreams that you could ever have for yourself. So also go to my website at, because I've lots of free gifts. They're downloadable pdf documents and free courses and training programs. So thanks so much for watching. I look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Bye. Bye.

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