The 3 Enemies That Sabotage Your Goals

Discover the fastest way to overcome the 3 powerful enemies that stop ordinary people from achieving extraordinary goals.

Discover the fastest way to overcome the 3 powerful enemies that stop ordinary people from achieving extraordinary goals. What was once impossible suddenly become possible!

In this video you will discover the 3 enemies that sabotage your goals. Knowing what they are will allow you to achieve all your goals more easily and create the life that you want.

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Hi, my name is Mike Pettigrew. I'm a best selling author and a serial entrepreneur since 1987 and I help ordinary people to achieve extraordinary goals, but not in the way you might think. Now, I've got a lot of really helpful information for you in the next few minutes, but before we get started, I just want to say that if you are serious about getting you to your next level of success, freedom and wealth, checkout my Ultimate Success Club at Now, people come to me because they want to achieve their goals faster and get to their next level of success, freedom and wealth. But you know what? Again and again, they tell me this one thing - that no matter what they do, no matter what they try, it doesn't seem to work. A lot of people tell me that even though they've tried this goal achievement system, that goal achievement system, or this course on success or wealth, nothing seems to work and they grow frustrated, disappointed, and disillusioned.

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And I get that. I completely understand that. I completely relate to that because for years, years ago, everything I tried just didn't work and it's very disempowering. So if, if you experienced this yourself, if you've experienced this in the past, I completely understand that. Now, one thing that I tell these people is that if you want to get to that next level, you've got to root out the three enemies that sabotage your goals. It's that simple. There are three enemies that sabotage all your chances of getting to that next level of life. So let's get straight into this short training and I'll explain what they are and how to overcome them. Firstly, enemy number one, lack of clarity, lack of clarity - the longterm effects of lack of clarity are very serious. If you're not clear on exactly what it is that you want, life will end up being quite monotonous and you keep just getting more of the same.

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So the longterm effects of a lack of clarity; you'll be low on energy. You won't have much aliveness, you won't have much enthusiasm for life. Also, your energy is fragmented and you end up just reacting to changing external circumstances and also your life can drift. That's fact. If people don't know exactly what they want, their lives can just drift. You know, as I say, you react to changing circumstances instead of carving out an amazing path for yourself and they're prone to complaint because if nothing much changes and everything, everybody else that in your life seems to be progressing, you know, you can end up very resentful and complain a lot and that makes the whole situation far worse. And often people who are not clear on what they want, they're unsuccessful. They don't reach the next level of success, they stay static and achieve a far less happy life.

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This is fact. This is fact and have less growth by avoiding challenging situations. When you know what you want and you set very clear goals, the first thing that happens is that you experience challenges or setbacks, but you know what? Those challenges and setbacks are exactly what you need to achieve your goal. These are the things that stretch your life. These are the things that cause you to grow in the ways that you need to be able to achieve your goal. In fact, there's a saying that the only thing stopping someone from achieving what they want is a certain degree of interchange. So when you have goals and you set goals, clear goals, and you go for them, your life grows. You become much more capable, wiser, and amazing things happen. But if you don't set goals, what happens? Less growth because you're avoiding challenging situations.

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Okay? And you'll experience a life of mediocracy. You'll end up just settling for second best all the time. That's awful. That's awful. And it's totally unnecessary. Now on the other hand, what are the beneficial effects of having great clarity on what you want? Well, the long term effects of having great clarity, you'll have far more energy, enthusiasm, aliveness and joy. You'll have, your energy is focused. It's focused in, in, in a direction instead of fragmented, you can be far more successful. Ask any successful person what, uh, what part does clarity play in your life and what you've created? And you can be pretty sure they will tell you that they were very clear on what they want. They didn't, nobody falls into success or it's extremely rare. And it also allows you to achieve your life's true purpose. When you're clear about what you want and you can achieve a far more fulfilling life, so much more joy and experience personal growth and develop new skills because you're not avoiding challenges, okay?

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As you can experience, the best life has to offer, the very best life has to offer simply by becoming clear on your goals. Okay? So having more clarity will change your life, become clear on your goals, and you can achieve anything you want. That's a guarantee. That's a guarantee. Now, this is tip number one, how to discover exactly what you want even even if you're not really clear right now, even if you're not clear on what you want, this very simple exercise will help you become very clear very quickly. So do goal brainstorming sessions - or do one goal brainstorming session. At least spend 30 minutes one hour and create goals for every area of your life. Finances, career, relationships, recreation, health, personal growth. Write it all down in any old order. Write it all down. All the things that you'd love to achieve at some point in your life.

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If you don't write it down and see it on paper, it's not very real. And look, when you do this, this exercise, you will cross off goals that aren't that important. But just write down. Imagine if you could do anything - if you could achieve anything. If you were a billionaire, what would you like to do? By the time you know - this life ends and you move on to the next life. What would you love to achieve write it all down. So firstly, write down all the things you want to achieve during your life. Secondly, include those things in your life that cause you to suffer by converting each one into its opposite. Now, if you're not very clear on your goals, look at your life right now and ask yourself what are the things that are causing you suffering - the areas of your life that you're not happy about.

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Uh, you may find that the end of each month that you're just scraping to get by. There's no money left over to save or go on vacations. If that's the case convert that area of suffering into its opposite. So if you have problems with money convert it into the opposite - a goal to have plenty of money at the end of each month, its that simple. If you have a bad relationship with a friend or a sibling, convert that into its opposite. To have a great relationship with them by a certain date. So just looking at the, your areas of dissatisfaction, the areas where your life has been held back, you can convert those into very highly energized emotionalized goals. Uh, so anyone can become clear on their goals very quickly with this simple process. Now Cross off any goals that don't feel particularly important to you and repeat this process for each area of your life.

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As I say, finances, career, relationships, recreation, health, personal growth, any other area you can think of, very simple process. But this can change your life. I promise you this exercise can totally change your life. Okay, so that's tip number one. Now that first enemy was lack of clarity. The second enemy - distraction. There are simple ways to achieve far more each day while dramatically reducing stress. The fact is we're now living in the age of mass distraction and people's attention span - it's been found - studies have found that people's attention span is less than what it was several years ago. We have email and social media and phones and everything is vying for our attention all the time and it's very hard to focus on one clear direction and progress your goals rapidly if you're constantly being distracted. Um, I've written a couple of bestsellers and every morning while writing, I'd switch off my email, social media, my phone and work undistracted for at least two hours.

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And just by eliminating distractions, you can make huge progress. But if you allow yourself to be pulled in every other direction by other people's agendas usually - nothing much happens. Nothing much changes. So we only get 24 hours in each day and cannot create more time. We can only change the way we do things. We can only change the way we do things - wasting time sabotages people's chances of success. Fact. So you can achieve far more than you may think. You can achieve far more than you may think simply by removing distractions. It's that simple, that easy. I know it sounds stressful. You know, making progress and becoming really, what's the word? Uh, productivity. That's a word that scares people, but you know what? There's a way of moving forward very quickly in any goal or dream while also at the same time reducing stress.

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Okay? You need to start by, as I say, eliminating wasted time, distraction and waste of time. So this is tip number two - reduce distractions and win back time. Time is your most valuable possession. You never get more, but you can spend it more wisely. Now, this is a scary statistic, very scary fact. But the average American spends five hours and four minutes watching TV every single day. Okay? Do you know how much that actually adds up to that's 1,849 hours each year or the equivalent of watching TV 24/7/365 for 16 years of their life. This is the average American, but I'm sure it's the same of British people, Irish people, you know, Australians, probably most countries at this point. That's awful. Imagine what would happen if each of these people watched just one hour of TV less and instead used that time to progress their goals.

Speaker 1: (11:02)
Lives would turn out totally differently. So yeah. How different would their lives be if they watched just one hour less TV and spent that hour pursuing their goals in life. Different, I think. So, I have a suggestion for you just for one day, just for one day, take account of how you spend each hour of that day. Write it all down. You may be very surprised how much time you could set aside by prioritizing your time better. So 9:00 AM to 9.30 write down what you did. 9.30 to 10:00 AM. Write down what you did - do this from the time you get up to the time you go to bed and you'll find (I'm pretty certain of this) - you'll find that there are windows of opportunity that you could have used to better use your time. I mean, we all need recreation time.

Speaker 1: (11:58)
We can't all be working 24/7 - no way, but to live a balanced life, we need to, you know, we need recreation time, we need productive time, we need to have time with family. We need to have time for exercise and and health. I'm sure you'll find by just doing this for one day, you'll find all sorts of opportunities to win back time. Okay, so suggestion number two, eliminate all distractions by working on your goals. As I said earlier about writing books, I switched off everything except for writing for two hours every morning and just it's worked miracles for me. Okay, so enemy number three. We've looked at two things. Lack of clarity. Second One, distraction. The third one now is number three, limiting beliefs. These are the three things that sabotage your chances of getting to that next level of life.

Speaker 1: (12:57)
So limiting beliefs, you have been conditioned by other people and your past experiences. Conditioning, no, I haven't been conditioning. You might say I haven't been conditioned, but they show you. We've all been conditioned from the moment we're born. As we go through life, we're constantly being told what we can and can't to what we should expect and what we shouldn't expect. And by the time, you know, we're, we're adults, we have all these limiting beliefs. You know, every time we turn on the TV or get in the car and listen to the radio, all these, all these ads advertising telling us we need this product or that product or we have to, you know, to be beautiful, we have to be beautiful or ah, all the time. Uh, we're being bombarded by other people's ideas. And this affects us very deeply because you know, when you hear the same thing or see the same thing again and again and again, particularly if there's emotions present, it affects your subconscious mind on a very deep, profound level.

Speaker 1: (13:58)
And that affects your beliefs, your thoughts and your actions. So we're all, we've all been conditioned and conditioning, limiting beliefs hold people back dramatically. So it's the number one thing that stops people achieving their goals. So conditioning sabotages your chances of success. Your limiting beliefs have power, but they can be changed. They can be changed. And this is Henry Ford, creator of the first automobiles. He said, whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. Your beliefs determine everything. If you believe you can do something there's a very good chance you'll be able to do it. If you believe at the very start, no, I could never do that. Immediately you stop yourself in your tracks, but your, your beliefs can be changed. That's the good news. You must overcome those beliefs to be successful. You must. And it's really, it's like being reborn. It's like being reborn.

Speaker 1: (14:53)
What was once impossible suddenly becomes possible for you - it opens the door, it opens the door on what was - - the door of possibility. What was closed for years suddenly can be flung open. And it's that powerful when you change - when you reach out and overcome these limiting beliefs. And I improved my own self. Well, I mean I had a limiting belief years ago, very strong limiting belief that I wasn't worthy, that I, I wasn't a good person, that I was useless and everything and I had all these limiting beliefs. And one of the biggest of them was that, um, my biggest limiting belief was actually low self worth. I believed that I was, I was worthless. And as a kid I had asthma and if I ran a short distance, I'd be wheezing and coughing and fighting for breath. And you know what?

Speaker 1: (15:51)
My school mates, my classmates never picked me for their football or rugby or hockey team. They'd all say, oh, we had Pettigrew last week - he's useless. So they wouldn't pick me. And I'd hear this again and again and again. You're useless, you're useless, you're useless. And when you're a teenager, you're very impressionable. So right into my late teens and early twenties, I had very low self worth, very low self esteem. I was very shy. And when I started my first business in 1987 I had serious self worth issues. And just a few years later, in early 1991 I reached a crisis for the, you know, since I started that business, I was on a financial coaster - one month there'd be enough money to eat and the next month there'd be nothing. So it was feast or famine. And I was sick and tired of this - and I had some really big goals for the future and I couldn't achieve those goals unless I changed my financial situation.

Speaker 1: (16:49)
Now I had a series of experiences around that time that were showing me I had low self worth now. I didn't really know how that was affecting me. I just knew I'd low self worth. And then I hit a financial crisis - I owed to our business suppliers uh, something like two or three times what was going to come in in the next two months I didn't know how I was going to pay them. So I decided the only thing I can do is go bankrupt, close up the business and go on social welfare. And it was awful. I was so frightened. I was just so disillusioned. I'd been running my business for three years at the time. Then I realized if I did that, I had wasted those years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. So there had to be another way. So I decided to do something.

Speaker 1: (17:45)
I, well I, I, I looked at, I was wondering, could this financial situation be a result of my own self worth? And it appeared that did it, it appeared that that was also the reason why, uh, my finances were so bad - self worth. So what happened? I decided, oh, actually, sorry, I'm going on too fast here. I decided to do something radical - I decided to double my prices to my clients and I expected to lose half those clients. But if it worked, I'd be doing far better. I'd only have to work half the amount of work for twice the money. And every single one of our clients said, Yep, no problem. Uh, we'll accept your hundred percent price increase. I didn't lose a single client. And two of them actually said, we thought you were too cheap. We couldn't understand why you were giving us such a great service for so little money.

Speaker 1: (18:40)
And I used to even hate asking clients for money. It was that bad. That was how low my self worth was. So doubling my prices changed everything. I did all sorts of other actions to appreciate myself more and by growing myself worth my entire business changed. I made a lot of money from that business from that point forwards. And that was in 1991 when all this happened. I sold that company into a multinational in 2001 I was a millionaire at that time. I took - I thought I'd taken early retirement. Life had some other plans though, but everything changed. Um, once I addressed myself worth. In fact the last five years of that business from what, 95? 96 to 2001, um, I spent only a day and a half working each week and all the rest of my time I did voluntary work. I did hospice, volunteer work and healing type work and I created a lot of value.

Speaker 1: (19:36)
But all that happened, all of that happened simply because I improved my self worth. So we all have these limiting beliefs. Uh, unless you're aware of them and overcome them, they are holding you back and they will continue to hold you back. So I'm going to share with you a very powerful, simple technique to become aware of your limiting belief in any area of life, whether it's finance, relationships, career, and then cancel those limiting beliefs forever. Very simple, very powerful. So this is tip number three, how to uncover and overcome limiting beliefs. So the, this, this is an exercise that takes - there's two parts to this. The first part you need to do really quickly, you, the objective here is to root out your subconscious limiting beliefs. Not pure conscious ones - not the ones that you're already aware of, but the limiting beliefs that are holding you back that you're not aware of.

Speaker 1: (20:37)
And the only way that this will work effectively is if you do the exercise quickly because you want the response that comes with I out of your own mind to be the very first thing you think of. Okay? It'll make sense in the moment. So let's use - let's use finances or wealth, uh, as an example, if you have been held back financially, if there's not enough money at the end of the month, then you might like to do this for exercise. You can do it for any, any area of life. As I say, so you read this sentence aloud, I can't become or achieve blank because what, you know, fill in your own word here. I can't become or achieve blank because. In this case, if we're looking at, uh, riches and finances and you want to become wealthy, you would write down and you'd read out loud;

Speaker 1: (21:30)
I can't become rich because - I can't become rich because, and you read it out loud and the very moment, the very next moment, you quickly write out a single reason why it's not possible for you. I can't become rich because - write out the first thing that comes to your mind, no matter how crazy it may appear, okay? Next you repeat these two steps until you've uncovered 10 limiting beliefs. This is why you need to do this quickly. You ask yourself aloud, I can't become rich because, and the first thing that comes into your mind, write it down. Don't analyze it. Don't do it slowly - do it really fast. So when you do this, you do 10 times, you come up with 10 limiting beliefs. You may be shocked by the sort of limiting beliefs you have. People have told me that they've done this exercise and they've come up with things like, I can't become rich because the first thing that comes from their own mind is money doesn't grow on trees or rich people are greedy.

Speaker 1: (22:25)
Or if I was rich, people would hate me. Oh, and you'd be amazed by the limiting beliefs that you do carry and all sorts of areas of life. This is only one area - wealth. So score each of these 10 limiting beliefs, the stronger the feeling that's attached to that belief that you've uncovered, rank it higher, maybe seven, eight, nine, 10. Those limiting beliefs that have a lower emotional feeling attached to them - rank them lower one, two, three, four, five or whatever. You may not consciously understand why, um, why one of these or two of these or a few of them you feel very strongly about. But just read each one aloud and the ones that have an emotional response rank highly - give it up. Give them a high number. So select the four limiting beliefs with the highest score, okay? Because those four are holding you back - guaranteed.

Speaker 1: (23:23)
Okay? The next step - now you did this part - you do it slowly. This is where you're using, not your subconscious mind - your conscious mind, your conscious, rational mind. So you do this part slowly, slowly write out as many reasons as possible that counteract each of these four limiting beliefs. Using this sentence I can become - in this case rich - because. So when you do this, say for instance, money doesn't grow on trees. A counteracting belief would be I can become rich because there's plenty to go around for everyone. And that's fact. Or another example would be I can become rich because rich people are generous and so am I. And that would counteract the rich people are greedy one. So you do this for each of the four limits and beliefs, and you come up with as many reasons as possible for that counteract each of those four beliefs.

Speaker 1: (24:20)
You may have even 10 counteracting beliefs for each of your four beliefs, and that'd be 40 in total, okay? Or you might be only five that you can come up with. No problem. You select the single most empowering reason that counteracts each one of your four limiting beliefs, okay? And then you convert each of these empowering reasons into separate affirmations and repeat them daily. Now, if you're not familiar with affirmations, just do a Google search "How to create affirmations" they are simply positive empowering statements that you make to yourself morning and evening aloud with emotion. They rewrite your subconscious programming, they overcome - they erase your limiting beliefs, incredibly powerful. If you've read my, uh, my best seller, The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World, there's a chapter on how to create affirmations and they include, I think 356 sample affirmations you can use - or you can use as templates to create your own.

Speaker 1: (25:22)
Really simple, simple, really effectively. Don't be misled by thinking that this is too simplistic. This process might only take you 30 40 minutes, an hour. It can completely change your life. So test it. You've got to check -you've got to test this for yourself. Get proof that it works, and it will. I can guarantee you that. So if you've found this helpful, if found this interesting, and you do want to get to that next level of abundance, freedom, wealth, success - you want to achieve your goals 10 times faster, check out because in my Ultimate Success Club, every month I go live for people all around the world and I share with them strategies, tools, and techniques that have been scientifically proved to work. These are the very things that enable ordinary people to create extraordinary lives. So if you want to get to that next level of freedom and wealth and success that's been evading you for years, my Ultimate Success Club will enable you to do that. So thank you so much for watching. I look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Bye, bye.

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