How to Overcome Self Doubt

Constant self-doubt wrecks lives and it can stop people from achieving the very things in life that they want the most.

Everyone doubts themselves at some point in their life. However, if we doubt ourselves repeatedly, then this can become a damaging habit we must break.

Constant self-doubt wrecks lives and it can stop people from achieving the very things in life that they want the most.

In this video you will learn simple ways to overcome self-doubt, and create more self-confidence, so you can achieve the better things in life.

Hi, this is Mike Pettigrew best-selling author and serial entrepreneur since 1987. And I help ordinary people achieve extraordinary goals, but not in the way you might think. So, is there a simple way to overcome self doubt because everybody doubts themselves at some point in their life and in many cases, a lot, a lot of the time. So what's the definition of self-confidence it's literally having trust in one's own abilities, qualities, and judgment. And the fact is that we all doubt ourselves at some point in many cases repeatedly, and you know, what it can become a habit. If we doubt ourselves all of the time, it's just creates a greater tendency to doubt ourselves and it become an Ingrained habit. We must break because if we doubt ourselves all of the time, we closed down our realm of possibility dramatically.

So how do we overcome self doubt and open the door to possibility? Well, there are very simple ways. One way is using the power of affirmations and affirmations. I've made many videos on affirmations, but affirmations are simply positive, empowering statements we make to ourselves aloud morning and evening with emotion. Affirmations are the direct route to your subconscious mind. And if you're always doubting yourself, you're literally programming your mind, your subconscious mind to create more doubt. So using affirmations is a way of completely overcoming that doubt once and for all. And you just literally repetition with emotion repetition plus emotion is the language of the subconscious mind. So by using affirmations morning and evening with emotion, you can overcome self doubt. That's one way, another way, an amazing way is just doing goal setting, setting a small goal.

You're not going to immediately set a huge goal because often you're setting yourself up for failure. If you're trying to achieve a really big goal really quickly, that will just create more self doubt, having the opposite effect of what we want. So to get rid of self doubt and start believing in your ability to transform your dreams into reality, set a small goal, set a small goal, just a goal that you could achieve within 30 days and just setting a goal and then asking yourself what things can you do? What action steps can you create to achieve that goal and every day taking a small action. And at the end of just 30 days, you will have achieved that small goal. And that gives you a lot of confidence, even though - you see it's the small wins that are actually the most important. Sometimes people look at a big goal and they are overwhelmed by all the things they have to do to achieve that goal.

That's why I'm saying don't choose a big goal to start with choose a very small one. Something that you can fairly easily achieve within 30 days, and just the act of making those baby steps and achieving that goal gives you great self-confidence - great self-confidence that you just may be able to set another goal and achieve it too. And self-confidence and overcoming self-doubt. It doesn't happen instantly. It's those small wins one. After another, after another confidence grows, confidence grows through these small actions and results. And another really great way of overcoming self-doubt is using self-hypnosis. A lot of people are scared of self-hypnosis. They think someone is taking power over you and they hear hypnotism. And usually they get that idea by watching stage hypnotists, which is never at all what it appears to be. But hypnosis is simply entering a deep, relaxed state where you're receptive to commands that you give yourself directly into your subconscious mind, and you can overcome fears.

You can overcome all sorts of, um, conditions through self-diagnosis. You can build confidence. Self-diagnosis is - there are so many websites out there where you can buy self-hypnosis recordings. And there are lots out there. I'm not going to recommend any specific, um, uh, websites, but there are so many hypnosis recordings out there that you can download onto your phone for building self confidence and overcoming self-doubt.

And another way of overcoming self-doubt is get a piece of paper and a pen and write out 10 reasons why you can achieve something, that you want to achieve - some goal. Write out 10 squeeze out of your mind 10 reasons why you can achieve something. You'd be surprised at after doing this little exercise, you'll find that you will start thinking, Oh, this is actually possible. The act of getting started, the act of pen and paper - doing this brainstorming kick starts your creative inner genius and everybody has this creative inner genius ideas and thoughts will come into your mind that wouldn't have come into your mind - had you not tried that first step to kickstart your creativity, doing a brainstorming session. So write out 10 ways why you can achieve 10 reasons why you can achieve a certain goal.

So I hope this has helped you. And if you'd like to get to your next level of success, abundance, freedom, and wealth, check out my secrets of success mentoring program it's at Thank you so much for watching. I look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Bye bye.

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