How to Break Monotony

Life can become monotonous when we just put up with difficult situations all of the time.

Life can become monotonous when we just put up with difficult situations all of the time. And its easy to lose hope and lose our motivation.

In this short video you will discover several simple ways to break through monotony and get your life moving forwards again. Discover the fast ways to bring more joy and energy into your life.

Hi, this is Mike Pettigrew, best selling author and serial entrepreneur since 1987. And I help ordinary people achieve extraordinary goals, but not in the way you might think. There's one thing that I hear again and again from people, I get emails from people, people who visit my website and leave comments and they tell me this life can be very monotonous. Is there any way of breaking monotony? Is there any way of kick-starting your excitement for life again? When you feel you've had the stuffing knocked out of you? Well, there absolutely are several ways to break through monotony and get your life moving forwards with more zest and more energy, more vitality, more aliveness. So my first question for you, if you are in this situation where you feel life is monotonous, do you have any goals? Do you have goals? I ask this to everyone.

What are your major goals in life? What do you want to achieve by the time you leave this world? And so many people look at me with a blank expression and tell me, I'm not really sure. So I don't know if you have goals or not, but if you don't have, if you're not crystal clear about what it is that you want to achieve in your life, just do a goal, brainstorming session, get a piece of paper and a pen and write down 50, maybe even a hundred things you would like to achieve at some point in your life. If you can't do 50 or a hundred, even 20, just get your pen and paper. And that kickstarts your creativity. You write down anything and everything that you ever wanted to achieve in life. Even the things that you want - the dreams you had as a child that you've given up on, write them all down - you can always cross off some of them later

if they're really silly, but just the act of getting out of your own mind, the things that you would love to do at some point kick-starting that creativity, all sorts of ideas will come to you and you will feel excited about some of those ideas. So that's one way to break through monotony. And if you still feel, no, I don't have any goals. Well, I have a question for you. Are there any things in your life that you're not particularly happy with right now? Are there any situations and difficulties and challenges that you are, are not enjoying at this point? Everyone, I ask this question to people - they always say, of course, yeah, lots of things. You know, I'm not happy with this. I'm not happy with that. Well, you know what? It's very easy to convert any of those dissatisfactions, the things that you don't like doing into its opposite.

So if you have, for instance, if you're, if you're at the end of every month, if you have no money left to save, to go on a vacation, to have better quality of life. Then you convert that into a goal, convert into its opposite. So then at the end of every month, you will have more money saved. So you can do those things. So that's one example. If you find that your relationships will always go wrong, convert that into it's opposite to have a wonderful relationship, that's really happy. So you can convert any dissatisfaction that you have in your life right now into a really highly motivated goal. But it's the things that cause you to suffer - you will feel quite strongly about them. So converting them into their opposite - into a goal - it will be a goal that will have a lot of feeling, a lot of desire behind, which is a great thing.

Everything can change from converting difficulties, challenges, things we don't like into goals. It opens the door to possibility. And another great way to get out of monotony, to break through monotony is to take one action, even if it's only a little baby step every single day towards achieving your goals every single day, just take one action. It's amazing. You know, you've heard the expression "Rome wasn't built in a day" and "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". It's absolutely true. Even huge goals that most people think, Oh, I'd love to achieve that. And then where do I start? And they're overwhelmed with possibilities and that stops most people in their tracks immediately. That's why so many people give up on their goals because they feel overwhelmed and all the things that they'll have to do, but you know what?

Everything starts with a single step and another step and another step. And when you start taking those steps, the next step magically appears in front of you and then the next and the next. So you don't have to figure it all out in advance before you start moving towards your goals. But goal setting- goal setting is a really effective way of breaking through monotony and getting your energy back, your zest, your enthusiasm for life again. To start believing in possibility, because I've noticed that people who find life very monotonous are people who have closed down their realm of possibility. And they just put up with mediocrity and your life is worth so much more than putting up with mediocrity. And another thing, reward yourself, reward yourself for the little wins every week. Give yourself a little treat for moving forward. If you don't take any actions towards your goals, maybe don't give yourself anything, but every time you do reward yourself, it's important to, I think a lot of people begrudge themselves and they blame themselves.

And I think if you get inside the mind of most people, there's a lot of negative self-talk going on, but when you are kind to yourself, when you reward yourself, once again, it just brings a different positive feeling into your life. And that can open doors. And also write a hundred things that you love to do. Write down on a piece of paper, 100 things that you love doing, not necessarily goals, but things you love doing. And then every week, give yourself a treat - one of those things. And it's so important to bring fresh things into your life. If we just put up with the same old stuff every single day, without taking the effort to try new things, to explore life, to have fun, we just become duller and duller and duller. And again, as I said earlier, we put up with a dissatisfying mediocrity.

So there are really simple, effective ways of breaking through monotony that enable you to bring more joy and energy into your life. And when you do this, everything changes, the doors of possibility open and life becomes fun and exciting and exhilarating once again. But if you just put up with the monotony, chances are, that'll just get worse. So I hope this has helped you. If you are ready to get your next level of success, abundance, freedom, and wealth. Check out my secrets of success mentoring program, and you can find out more at Thanks so much for watching. I look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Bye-bye.

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