How to Become Clear On Your Goals

In this episode you will learn how to become clear on your goals, even if right now you are not quite sure what you want.

If you're not clear on your goals, your life may drift and you could end up just reacting to changing external circumstances. On the other hand, when you are clear what you want, you will have more energy, enthusiasm, aliveness and joy. You will also start experiencing the best life has to offer - with deeper meaning and purpose.

You will also discover a simple way to drill down into each of your goals to find out if it really will give you the fulfilment and satisfaction that you want. Save time and energy before you even start!

00:00 Hi, this is Mike Pettigrew, serial entrepreneur and author of the number one Amazon bestseller, the most powerful goal achievement system in the world. And in this short video, I'm going to show you how you can become clear on your goals even if you're not quite sure what it is that you want to achieve. Because I've met many people over the years and I love asking people the same question, what do you really want to achieve during your life? And a lot of people know what they want, but more or quite sure a lot of people are not sure what it is that they want to achieve. Some, you know, sort of ideas that they want that they'd like to achieve, but not not really crystal clear. Very, very few people who I've asked this question to immediately rattle off their life's biggest dreams and there's a very good reason why people are not clear and it's very easy to become really clear on your goals are what you want to achieve.

00:58 Even if you take only 30 minutes to do this simple exercise I'm going to share with you, it can change your life, it can change your life, you can thrust your life forward in a wonderful new direction. And this is a short extract from my new uh, accelerated goal achievement training called goal hacking. If you want some more details about it - you can just go to so let's get straight into this. So first of all, let's look at lack of clarity. How does not being clear about what we want affect us? So there are serious effects of a lack of clarity - serous effects - so the longterm effects of a lack of clarity is generally we're low on energy. If we know what we want and we are determined to achieve - we generally have a lot more energy. But if we're not clear what we want, we can kind of drift.

01:54 We don't have as much energy and we don't have as much enthusiasm, its very hard to be enthusiastic about things if you're just drifting. And if you don't have any clear destination in mind and your energy is fragmented, if you're not crystal clear on what you want, your energy is fragmented and you just end up reacting to changing external situations instead of focusing your energy. Okay, and your life, as I said a moment ago- your life can drift and there have been studies done into the lives of people who regularly set goals and people who don't set goals. The fact is the research shows that generally people's lives turn out very differently. Those who set goals and those who don't set goals very, very differently and also prone to complaint. If you're not clear on what you want and you're just reacting to changing circumstances, which is what happens when you don't have goals, people can often be prone to complaint and that's dangerous because if you develop a complaining attitude, you know it's, it's all their fault and you know, poor me.

03:12 That's very damaging. Even if it's only internal because your dominant thoughts and your dominant emotions create the circumstances of your life and your effort. If you have a complaining attitude, even as I say if it's, if it's only internal, you're actually pushing away all sorts of amazing possibilities from happening to you. Okay? The fact is people who don't set goals are generally for the most part, not very successful, hard reality, but a lot of people think goal setting, goal achievement. It's difficult. It doesn't have to be. It can be really simple. It can be so energizing when you do it the right way. So ultimately what this comes down to is how happy do you want to be? If you only want only what you know, if you're, if you're content to put up with only a little bit of happiness, no problem.

04:07 You don't need to set goals. But if you want to be really happy, really fulfilled and you want your family to be really happy and really fulfilled, it's strongly suggest to you that you start setting goals because it will give you so much for energy. So much more aliveness - so much more joy and enthusiasm for life and that ripples out from your life and affects and touches the lives of all those around you. Okay? Also, a lack of clarity. Having a lack of clarity. It means less growth because you start because you avoid challenging situations. When you set goals, what immediately happens is you experienced challenges, you experienced challenges, challenges that stretch your life, that enable you to grow. There's a saying that the only thing that's separating you from achieving something that you want as a certain degree of inner change. That's a very true saying.

05:10 When you set a goal and you'd start taking even just small steps to achieve, it just at least get starved. You experienced some sort of setback or challenge, but those challenges are vital to enable you to achieve your goal because they enable you to grow in ways so on. The only thing that's stopping you achieving your goals is a certain degree of interchange. You set goals, you change and you achieve your goals. You don't set goals, you don't change and you experienced less growth and life just drift. It's very sad and you end up really settling for a life of mediocrity and a life of mediocrity. That's awful. That's uh, that's such a shame. I honestly feel that were put into this world is to become all we're capable of becoming as a human being and contributing to other people's happiness and all the ways that we can.

06:09 I think that's the greatest mission of every human being. I think it's the mission of every human being. So a life of mediocrity is denigrating yourself. You're worth so much more than that. And when you set goals and start achieving them is, will affect other people very powerfully. And if you, if you just, if you're not clear on your goals and your drift, you always settle for second best. And that is so disempowering at the end of life. People usually ask three or four questions of themselves. I used to do a lot of hospice volunteer work or I'd sit with people who are dying and you see miracles happening in hospices and it's an amazing environment. Not at all what you would expect, but people generally ask a questions like Brendon Burchard says, let's see, he, he, he, he nearly died when he was 19 and he, three, three questions came into his mouth in his own mind.

07:11 Did I love, did I live? Did I love, did I matter? And it wasn't just Brendan's three questions. These are three questions or slight variations of these that researchers found that most people ask themselves at the end of their lives. So, you know, it's important that you create a life where you have no regrets. Okay. Now, so the beneficial effects of having clarity. So obviously the opposite of what we've just been discussing, long term effects of having great clarity on what you want, far more energy, enthusiasm alive in this and joy, your energy is focused instead of fragmented, you can be far more successful instead of settling for second best and allows you to achieve your life's true purpose. So important. Okay. And you can achieve a far more fulfilling life. When you're clear on what you want and you need to become clear, I'm gonna show you.

08:09 It's simply the way in a moment of how to become clear. If you're not already aware of what you want and everything you know, you will have a far more fulfilling life and you can experience personal growth and develop new skills. You're gonna experience the best life has to offer. And having more clarity will change your life. It will change your life. When you're clear on your goals and your life's purpose, you become truly unstoppable. If you look at into society, you look at the world's most successful people, the people who have transformed society, and you ask them, where are you clear on your destination? They'll all say yes. They may not always been clear, but at some point in their life, if sat down and figured out what do I really want? And everything started from that. So clarity is essential. So this is how to become clear on your goals if you're not already clear.

09:02 As I said at the beginning of this video, I've asked so many people over the years, you know, what do you really want? And they're not very clear most. So this will enable you to become really clear. This is to take you 30 minutes of your life, only 30 minutes and it can transform your life. So step one, how to become clear on your goals. Do a goal brainstorming session, a goal brainstorming session. So are you clear on your goals? Short, medium, long term. Are you, if not, write out everything you want to achieve in life. This is just brainstorming. Write down on a piece of paper. Take 30 minutes to do this. Even better to take an hour, but even 30 minutes can change everything right down on a piece of paper. Got An a four sheet of paper. Write down all the things you'd like to achieve at some point in your life.

09:52 Include dreams you gave up on. You may have had wonderful dreams as a kid, as a child, and maybe you've given up on those dreams, but somewhere within yourself you'd still would love to achieve that. Write it down. It doesn't matter. Later on you can cross off the ones that are unimportant, but the amazing thing is when you do a brainstorming session like this, it gets your creativity working is gets your create, it boosts your creativity. Ideas will come into your mind that you hadn't thought of subconscious yearnings, that you're not really constantly where it will come to the surface. Just doing this, just doing this brainstorming session, you'd be, you'd be really surprised at the things you actually would like to achieve. Also, explore the things that cause you to suffer and if you're not clear on what you want, you can become ultra clear and just a couple of minutes.

10:49 How is this? Well, we all have areas of our life that we're not particularly happy about. It might be a relationship with someone and we're, you know, that's not going very well and we may have problems with money always at the end of the month and nothing leftover to save. We may work terribly hard and we don't get an opportunity to travel or take vacations. We all have things in our life that we're not particularly happy about, but you can convert each one of those problems into its opposite. In other words, if you have a bad relationship with maybe a member of your family, then your goal could be to have a great relationship with that person by a certain date. If you are your finances or disastrous, then you can convert that into a powerful goal where your finances will be great, but you'll be earning a certain amount by a certain date so you can convert your dissatisfactions in life, your areas of suffering into very powerful goals, which are the opposite.

11:53 Okay? Very simple, very powerful. Also, anything that has been causing you to suffer, especially if it's been going on for a very long time, it can be converted into its opposite to create a powerful new go. So when you do this brainstorming session, do is for every area of your life, not just one. In other words, do is do a brainstorming session for English at all and the one bank in the one session, a session, you can do all this within 30 minutes. So create goals for every area of your life. Finances, career, relationships, recreation, health, personal growth. Why did I include personal growth? It's been found that when people do personal development and they grow as human beings are far more satisfied with their, with their lives and their own selves. Personal growth is really important for longterm happiness. So create goals for every area of your life.

12:49 So how to become clear on your goals. This is a basic process chart just to clarify the exercise or summarize it. Write down all the things you want to achieve during your life. Include the those things in your life that cause you to suffer by converting each one into its opposite and then cross off any that don't feel particularly important to you. This is just a summary and repeat this process for each area of your life. Simple, 30 minutes, 30 minutes out of your lifetime. You can create an incredible life in need to become clear. You need to become crystal clear of what you want or your life will drift. So the difference between a longterm fulfilling happy life and just settling for second best. You're worth so much more. Do this exercise and you'll be so glad. Okay, so that's the, that's step one.

13:45 Step two, discover your big why for each of your goals. Now this is a way of drilling down. Once you've done your brainstorming exercise, your brainstorming session spent 30 minutes out of, and you come up with a list of all your goals and you crossed off those that aren't really important. After all, you can then look at each of your goals and you can drill down to see if that goal is as fulfilling as you had thought. If you achieve it, is it going to give you the level of satisfaction and joy that you had hoped for? This can eliminate so much wasted time chasing after goals that end up being unfulfilling. And so this, this part of the exercise will save you days if not years of effort. Okay, so what did we do? It's the subtle that exercise. What on earth is the, so that exercise, wait till you see very simple.

14:42 There's a different between difference between wants and needs. We all want things, but do we fundamentally need that's, that's a big question. So actually before we go into that, an example back in the, in the 90s you know, early mid 1990s I was starting to experience the first real effects of success and making a lot of money. And my friends used to call me the gadget man cause there was always buying the latest gadgets and I used to spend a lot of money on gadgets and top of the range cars, brand new BMWs and you know, do you know what I discovered really quickly, really quickly, particularly the really expensive things at discover it after. At first, yeah, I'd feel more successful driving this beautiful car. But you know what, after only two or three months I realized this really isn't making much of a difference in my life at all.

15:50 And I discovered that getting those things was just a way of avoiding inner change. I could feel perfectly successful without having trinkets to prove it to myself or anyone else. So I'm really glad I learned that because so many years ago, back in the nineties because I'm not at all materialistic now, I buy almost nothing for myself. I get my, what would you say? I get my greatest satisfaction out of helping people to transform their lives. That's what's really important to me. So this exercise is, we'll enable you to see if your goal, when you achieve it, is going to be really worthwhile and meaningful and enhance your life. Or if you're just, that goes helping you avoid some interchange like it was for me. So it wants and needs are different. So after each of your goals, add the word, the word, so that, so you know you want to achieve certain income by certain days so that and fill out the reason.

16:59 Yeah. fill in your own reason. After the words. So that, and you keep going deeper and deeper by adding more. So that's until you discover your single motivating reason for your goal. I'll show you an example in the ministry or exactly what I mean. The result is you will discover if your goal is truly worthwhile. That's a need. Or if it's just helping you to avoid some change you need to make within yourself, that goal would be just at once. So this will save so much time, so much time and energy and effort. So discover your big why for each of you goes. This is an example of goal. The example goal is to work half the time for twice the income. This is a, there's a type, this is a goal I have years ago to work half the time for twice the income so that I have more free time and I can do whatever I want so that I can learn new things and experience more of life so that I can discover what I like doing best.

17:59 Great. So that I can spend more time doing things that I love even better so that I can experience more excitement and passion. Really important so that I can live my life to the fullest even more important so that I can be deeply happy and truly fulfilled so that I can be a positive influence to others so that they can also achieve their goals and become happy. So that's a, that is a really worthwhile goal. The result you discover, your big reason why, or you may find your goal is not really worth pursuing. Do this after your brainstorming session for each year, major goals and you can save yourself so much time, energy, and effort by not pursuing goals that really aren't that important. And you can then focus your energy into the goals that are really important. Okay, so simple, so simple, really, really, really helpful.

19:00 So here's a process chart to, to clarify the exercise again. Write down your goal and the words so that also, oh, sorry. After. So that, write out your reason why. Repeat this. So that process, until you find your big why and the results, you should now have great clarity on worthwhile, meaningful goals and avoid wasting time and energy on goals that may end up being dissatisfying, unfulfilling, or that just enable you to avoid things you need to change within yourself. Wonderful, simple, really effective. So if you've enjoyed this training, you'd be, it might be worth your while checking out my new training.

It's where I teach the fastest way to achieve all your goals, to transform your life, to achieve your life's biggest strains. I'm so proud of this course. I've put 40 years of my life into this training, and you know what? It includes strategies, tools, and techniques that have scientifically been proved to work. Goal hacking will enable you to achieve all your goals 10 times faster. So thank you so much for watching and I look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Bye Bye.

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