5 Secrets of Success That Always Work

In this video you will discover 5 secrets of success that work every single time.

In this video you will discover 5 secrets of success that work every single time.

Try these for yourself, and improve your relationships, career, finances and personal life.

Hi, this is Pettigrew - serial entrepreneur and bestselling author and I help ordinary people to achieve extraordinary goals, but possibly not in the way you might think. Now a lot of people come to me and they ask me, are there secrets of success that always work - that always work? Because you know what? So many people try so many different things and they get really disappointed and disillusioned because what they try doesn't work and that is such a setback - people end up giving up. Now before we get into this further, let me just say that if you're ready to get to your next level of success, freedom, abundance, and wealth, check out the Ultimate Success Club at achievegoalsfast.com/usc. So, are there things that we can do that will really make us successful? Well, yes, there are. Firstly, we need to get really clear on what we want.

I ask a lot of people what you really want to achieve in your life? And a lot of people - their expression goes glazed and they often tell me "I'm not quite sure". So getting clear on what you want is number the one step. It's absolutely fundamental. After that, you need to use a goal achievement system that really works. A lot of them don't work. For example, the SMART goal system - that is way out of date. And it's okay if you want to achieve very small goals. But if you want to achieve life changing goals, huge dreams, the smart goal system is a big waste of time. So don't use that. Seek out a system that works. And if you're not already familiar with my own system - The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World - check it out. You can pick up the bestseller today for only a dollar on Amazon.

I want to get this book into the hands of as many people as possible because it really is life changing. So that's tip number two. Tip number three is obviously take consistent action towards your goals. You'd be amazed how many people don't take consistent daily actions. And unless you're taking daily actions, nothing's going to really change. But you don't have to leap forwards at a million miles an hour. Just small actions over time adds up to huge results. If there's one thing that has enabled me to be more successful over the years than anything - is my consistency every single day. Just taking small actions. But those small actions add up to huge results. So you need to be consistent in your actions. So that's tip number three. Tip number four - and this is crucial and this is something that most people never do. You need to uncover your limiting beliefs and erase them once and for all. And you might think "Limiting beliefs?

I don't have any limiting beliefs!" I assure you we all have limiting beliefs because you know what? From the time we're born, right through - as we go through childhood and then later into adulthood, we are constantly being told what to believe and what to think and that we're capable of this, and we're not capable of that. And by the time most people get into their, you know, their late teens, early twenties they have all this conditioning that is boxing them in to believing that they're capable of very little. So we all have these limiting beliefs and unless you uncover those limiting beliefs and cancel them forever - they will always hold you back. And everyone has limiting beliefs in various different areas of their lives. It could be in relation to relationships, it could be limiting beliefs regarding finances, career - everyone has limiting beliefs and in in my bestseller, The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World, I give a very simple, really effective method to discover your limiting beliefs and cancel them forever.

And you know what? When you cancel your limiting beliefs - when you erase them, what was once impossible suddenly becomes possible. I've also made many other free videos that you can check out on my website and also on Youtube and Facebook that tells you - shows you this step-by-step simple, simple process for uncovering and overcoming limiting beliefs. And it's really - it's life-transforming. And step number five is to find a mentor or coach who has already achieved what it is that you want to achieve. This is so important. This is the - this is the biggest secret of the world's most successful people. They have mentors and coaches. Look, you can do everything through trial and error if you want, but there's no guarantee that things will turn out the way you want. But if you want to achieve all your life's biggest dreams - if you want to get to your next level of success, you absolutely need a mentor or coach.

And as I say, if you look at the lives of the most successful people in the world, they all have had mentors and coaches that they have learned from. The only way to stretch your - your current realm of possibility is to learn from people who've walked the path before. So my challenge for you is - when are you going to get to your next level of success, freedom and wealth? When are you going to take action on your dreams? Because if you don't, this time next year, nothing much may have changed for you. So when are you going to find a coach or a mentor? You need to do this now! And if you want to use success strategies, tools, and techniques that have been scientifically proved to work, check out my Ultimate Success Club. It's at www.achievegoalsfast.com/USC. And every month I go live for people all around the world and I teach them the success habits that matter the most. So I hope you've enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching and I look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Bye Bye.

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Mike Pettigrew - entrepreneur and bestselling author