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My name is Mike Pettigrew and my purpose is to share with you inspiring and motivating techniques and strategies that can help you create a life of greater happiness, success and fulfillment.

Several years ago, after many successes in business I lost everything. I reached the point where I wasn't even able to feed my wife or our son who had just been born.

This was an incredibly frightening and painful time in my life, but it taught me many very important lessons; like how our minds and our emotions actually create what happens to us, and how we can use them to transform any situation.

I transformed my awful circumstances and became successful once again. So can you, using the powerful tools that I share in my videos, books, podcast and courses.

Become happy, vibrant and empowered, and live a life of greater abundance and fulfillment!

What if I told you that in just a short time from now, you could...

  • Be Empowered and Motivated - and achieve all your goals
  • Overcome Negative Thoughts - that have always held you back
  • Develop More Confidence - so you have less fear and self-doubt
  • Unlock Your Inner Genius - so you can transform any situation
  • Master Your Mind and Emotions - and control what happens to you
  • Discover Your Inner Magnet - that attracts success and happiness
  • Find Your Purpose in Life - so you can be more fulfilled

Would you want to find out more? Would you take the opportunity to create a much better life for yourself?

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Get Mike Pettigrew's The Super Bundle for FREE !

Enter your name and email  to get instant access to my High Content Videos, eBooks and Courses.

These will inspire, motivate and empower you and they are not available anywhere else.

It doesn’t cost anything and you can get immediate access.

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Here's a Small Selection from the Videos Section

Unlock Gratitude Now! Your 7 Keys to a Happier and More Successful Life

In the number 1 Amazon bestseller Unlock Gratitude Now! Mike Pettigrew shares his experiences of both failure and success. He explains how you can change your dominant thoughts and emotions quickly and easily and how this can lead to your long-term success and happiness.

He also suggests several experiments you can try for yourself that will allow you to prove to yourself that your mind and emotions really do affect physical matter.

Unlock Gratitude Now! brings you step by step into the nature of your subconscious mind and how you can to program it for happiness and success using the most effective techniques and technologies available.

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