Why Mentoring is Important

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What is a mentor and how can a mentor enable us to achieve our goals in life?

If we look at the lives of highly successful people in every case, they’ve had outstanding teachers. After all no master craftsperson has become highly skilled without an outstanding teacher.

In order to do anything really big for our lives and for society, we really need to learn from and put into practice what we’ve learnt from outstanding teachers. There is no other way.

After all life is short. Life is actually very short and there is only so much that we can do during our life based on our own direct experiences. There’s only so much we can learn through our own direct experience.

If we want to learn some new skill or if we want to achieve some amazing goal for our lives then the quickest way, the absolute fastest way is to seek out someone who’s done it before and replicate what they’ve done.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. All we have to do is seek out outstanding teachers and mirror what they have done, learn from them and put into practice what you have learnt from them.

I really believe that we all have the potential to live incredibly happy lives, incredibly fulfilled lives. We all have the potential to achieve all our deepest desires but it’s only going to happen if we learn from outstanding teachers and mentors.

Outstanding teachers, outstanding mentors stretch our lives. They show us what’s actually possible. On the other hand, we all have had lots of pain and suffering throughout our lives and for many people that closes their realm of possibility dramatically over time.

Most of us carry all sorts of beliefs that were not capable, that we may not be intelligent enough, that we may not have the resources within us to achieve our goals and our dreams.

The fact is that when we study great people, learn from great mentors, it stretches that realm of possibility and we can achieve far bigger goals than we may even have believed was possible for us.

I strongly recommend you to seek out excellent teachers and learn from them and put into practice what you learn. And as human beings, we all need motivation, we all need daily inspiration.

We all need empowerment and if you can take great teachers as role models and put into practice what you learn, there is no limit to what you can achieve in life. This is amazing.

You can achieve anything providing you seek out people who have done it before and learn from them and put into practice what you’ve learned. I strongly recommend that you seek out excellent teachers.

I had to learn this through really painful experience. I had been very successful in business, and I then lost everything through trusting the wrong people and making really bad investments.

When you reach the point where you can’t even feed your family and that’s the point I reached. I had no money at all. I went from being a self-made millionaire to losing everything.

It’s only at that point I started learning from other people – from other great human beings that have transformed society and this empowered me and this showed me what I was really capable of. Because when you lose everything and everything just slides away really quickly, you start to experience more bad stuff and more bad stuff happens.

When you study great people who have totally transformed their own lives and done incredible things for society then it empowers you. It shows you that you can change the situation.

It took great pain for me to learn this very important thing about mentors and during this whole situation many years ago I started learning all sorts of new skills.

I desperately needed to change the situation. I needed to learn from the world’s best and I learned from the world’s best and as a result I changed my life.

I’ve done a lot of great things since then and it all happened as a result of seeking out great mentors and putting into practice what I learned. So please do the same and I will see you again very soon thank you.

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