Unlock Your Creative Genius

How to Become a Great Ideas Machine

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Did you know that you can tap into your own inner creative genius whenever you wish? You have an amazing creative genius inside your own mind and you can use it to improve every area of your life whenever you wish.

Often people believe that they have to wait for inspiration to arrive before they can create something really outstanding. However, this is not true and it is possible to get your creative juices flowing at will, whenever we wish.

I learnt this myself many years ago when I started composing music. I did everything with a keyboard connected to a computer and even though my piano skills are pretty abysmal, I was able to produce some pretty good music.

However to do this, I would play something really badly on the keyboard and then spent ages getting it right on the computer screen; moving around notes and getting the timing right. It took a long time, but was great fun and I loved producing music.

Often I would be driving along the road and music would come to my mind, and I would immediately sing the notes into a recording device. Then later on when in front of my computer, I would start creating the music that had come to my mind while driving.

But here’s something interesting that I discovered. Often I would sit down in front of my keyboard and computer and there would be no music in my mind.

But just by fooling around on the keyboard, my creativity started to be stimulated. And I created some of my best compositions at times when I didn’t feel inspired or at all creative.

Now, this was back in the early 1990s, and it taught me a really important lesson. That lesson is that we can intentionally kick-start our creativity whenever we wish, and that our best creations don’t always come spontaneously in blinding flashes of inspiration.

But this doesn’t just apply to music, this process holds true no matter what we are hoping to create or change in our life.

If we are a writer, we really don’t need to give in to such things as writer’s block. If we take the right actions, and do the right things then it is possible to kick-start creativity and move forwards very quickly, and start creating great material without any difficulty.

One thing I noticed back then, when I was composing a lot of music, was that we all possess a creativity muscle that we must exercise, in order to be able to tap into our creativity quickly and easily, whenever we wish.

However, just like when exercising the physical body, it can take time and effort before the process becomes really easy. But, with regular effort the process absolutely will become easy for you.

There is a very simple exercise you can do that should illustrate very clearly what I’m saying.

When you put your mind to task, then your mind starts working for you. If you do not regularly put your mind to task, then very little changes from day to day, and things just go on the way they are always have gone.

What I’m about to describe may at first appear quite challenging, but if you do these exercises you will be astounded by all the amazing ideas that you will develop. You really can become an ideas machine!

You see, every goal that you set, and every aspect of your life that you wish to change always starts with an idea. So doesn’t it make sense that you learn how to tap into wonderful ideas that can enable you to transform your life and achieve all of your dreams? I certainly believe so.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could tap into your mind and come up with all sorts of really useful ideas whenever you want? Well this really is possible and is far easier than you may think.

When you come up with great ideas, you can take action on those ideas, and gradually you will start to see results in the world around you. It is true to say that we can work very hard and still not see great results. However, when you have amazing ideas that are backed with excitement and determination, all sorts of wonderful things become possible for you.

To get your creative mind operating efficiently like a well-oiled machine; at first you need to start squeezing out of your mind ideas that can improve your life in various different ways.

At first it may take quite some effort, but if your are persistent in this you will quickly become very proficient at tapping into your creativity whenever you wish and creating all sorts of amazing possibilities for yourself.

It would be a great idea to do one of these creativity exercises each day for at least a week before you start to see the amazing unlimited creative power that lies within you, and which you can tap into at will.

Day 1:
On day 1 write out a list of 10 things that you could do to express your gratitude to others. These should be things you can actually do that will show your appreciation of those who have helped you in any way.

Day 2:
On day two write out a list of 10 things that you could do to improve your physical health. These can be anything that you could do in order to become healthier.

Day 3:
On the third day write down 10 ways in which you could improve your emotional health. These will be things that can contribute to your overall well-being and happiness. It’s important to include ideas that can help other people in meaningful ways. This is because our own happiness is directly connected to the efforts we make boards the happiness of those around us.

In these exercises you don’t have to stop at 10 ideas. If ideas are starting to come tumbling out of you then please keep going! 15 or 20 ideas is a lot better than 10 and the more you do this the more you exercise your creativity muscles and it becomes a resource you can tap into whenever you need.

Day 4:
We have all used apps on our smartphones and most of us have a good idea of what sort of apps are available in the app stores.

So, your next exercise is to come up with 10 ideas for smart phone apps. Write down 10 ideas for apps. It doesn’t matter if you later find that some of these apps already exist, but just start writing and see what happens.

Some your ideas may not be great at all, while others may surprise you! And an app is something that simply makes people’s lives better or easier and helps them in some way. Most people find that coming of the first few apps is easier than coming up with the last few of the 10.

So, go and look at the App Store on your phone to see what sort of apps people are producing. Then come up with 10 of your own.

Day 5:
On day five come up with 10 things you could do to add more fun and enjoyment in your life. These should be things that you can start doing easily and which you could put into practice right away.

Many of us move through life each day on autopilot, simply reacting to what happens to us. But, when we take stock of what we are doing, and what we could be doing, it allows us to bring a lot more excitement and variety into our lives.

Day 6:
On day six, write down a list of 10 places that you would love to visit in the next 10 years.

Day 7:
On day seven of this exercise, write down a list of the three biggest problems in your life right now. Once you’ve done this, write down at least 4 things that you could do to overcome each of these problems.

Now at the end of just one week you will probably be very surprised by your ability to come up with creative ideas whenever you wish. By writing down your ideas like this and by doing this frequently you will keep your creativity muscles exercised and in great shape.

This will allow you to tap into your creativity whenever you wish and use it to create all sorts of wonderful things for your life.

So remember to keep a special notebook for all your creative ideas and don’t worry if some of them are nuts! Because when you do this you will definitely have plenty of really good ideas too.

Also, please don’t allow your internal editor to stop you – just keep the process flowing. What I mean by your internal editor is that part of yourself that tells you to delete the last sentence or the last idea because it isn’t good enough. Simply, let all your ideas flow without any restraint and then after the process has completed you can start editing if really necessary.

Whatever it is that you wish to change or create in your life, everything starts with an idea. And the more great ideas you have, then the more you can transform your own life and your environment.

Here is a final thought about this, for you to consider. If every person in the world were to spend just 1 hour each week coming up with ideas to improve their lives, then the world would be a very different place than it is right now.

So, please do make a commitment to yourself right now, to set aside just one hour each week to do this for yourself. You will be amazed at how your life will transform!