Would You Invest $1 to Get the Same Success Secrets My Coaching Clients Pay Me $15,000 a Year To Learn? Then Keep Reading...

From: Mike Pettigrew

You and I both know that you want more out of life than the average person...

Maybe at one point you looked in the mirror and said “wow… I thought things would be different.... I thought things would be better by now”

You’re sick of settling for second best, or you’re tired of feeling like you have plateaued when you know you have so much more potential within you.

And after realizing that, you’re now HUNGRY to reach that next level of wealth and abundance in your life...that next level of income that will allow you to live life on your own terms...

Look, lots of people SAY they’re hungry for it...But most are just onlookers, right?

YOU take action, which is why you watch my videos or read my books - you're always trying to LEARN and get the edge. You invest in yourself. You're decisive and committed - you KNOW you deserve more in life.

And you know that the quickest way to master something or the success you desire is to have someone who has already achieved it guide you from where you are to where you want to go…

Because You DEEPLY CARE About Reaching The Next Level Of Success...

You're the type of person, I'm guessing, who really wants to earn more, love more, give more, make your mark.

You want to achieve more in every area of your life because you KNOW, deep down, you're supposed to have a life that isn't boring, riddled with debt and stress, or draining or unfulfilling. So I honor you for being on this page.

I'm Mike Pettigrew and I'm a number 1 Amazon bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and high performance coach.

And I teach ordinary people how to create extraordinary lives.

I've been interviewed on radio and TV all around the world, and I've created, bought, built and sold 15 businesses in all sorts of different niches, and some of those businesses have made millions.

I have also spent more than 40 years studying the lives of the world's most successful people - to discover the fundamental principles that can allow anyone to create far greater success, happiness and wealth in their life.

And I’m truly excited for you that you’re on this page right now because I have a life changing question for you...

I'm wondering if you'd spend $1 on yourself so I can work with you - TRAIN YOU - on an ongoing basis.

Here's What This Is About...

What would happen if you learned the same success secrets that people pay me $15,000.00 a year to learn?

Most people are struggling to know how to STRATEGICALLY DEVELOP THEMSELVES so that they can reach the next level.

So, every month I go LIVE for people all around the world in my "Ultimate Success Club" monthly program.

It's like a check-point for people - an ongoing zap of energy and new break-through strategies that keep them out in front and at the top of their game.

Because you and I both know a lot of people get inspired by one book, or one video, or one insight, then they lose the fire and MOMENTUM as they get back to real life.

That's Because Sustainable Success TAKES CONSISTENCY.

And just like athletes need a coach helping them steadily climb to higher levels, so do you.

That's why I'm inviting you into my LIVE monthly training.

  • Every month, I spend at least 60 minutes with you LIVE online.
  • I teach success strategies that have been scientifically proved to work, and then conduct coaching and Q&A.
  • Our students report HUGE gains in their motivation, focus and confidence every month. I mean, who else is keeping you fired up, focused, driven to be your ABSOLUTE BEST!?
  • You and your dreams don’t need to be alone anymore. You become a part of something even bigger than yourself...
Yes! I'd Like The $1 Deal Of A Lifetime!

So, I'm Offering to Train You Every Month

And I'll let you "test me out" for just $1 the first month. Usually it costs $15,000 to be part of my personal one-on-one coaching program...But you get me EVERY SINGLE MONTH, and to make sure you LOVE it you can get in today for just for $1

Why might I be a good coach for you?

Here's what others have said about me:

  • "You quickly realize you have the ability to change your life in spite of your circumstances."- Pamela Parker
  • "I love how Mike addresses our mindset & the fact that how we think about things truly can either make or break achieving our goals." - Carrie Lowrance
  • "He gives you a blueprint for making your life everything you’ve dreamed it could be." - Jim Rodgers
  • "Immediately had results just by changing my way of thinking." - Mike Eckles
  • "His ideas are simple to understand and implement. He also does a good job of dealing with your internal struggles of manifesting your goals." - Jeff Rodriguez
  • "I have learnt new ways of thinking & achieving my goals, Mike Pettigrew is a walking genius!!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge to improve others lives, this knowledge is priceless!!!" - Melanie Lee
  • "I have noticed a change within me. Even my friends around me have noticed it too. If you want a better life, and want to improve the way you think then this is it." - Andrew Leonard

Why Am I Doing This?

Because I honestly WISH I had access to something like this as I worked to achieve my dreams...

I want to give you the same success hacks that people all around the world have used to become financially free...the same secrets millionaires and even billionaires used to create their wealth...

I know what it's like to be dead broke and unable to pay the bills, because I've been there myself.

Also, I grew up in a small town in Ireland. And I didn't have a lot of opportunity or mentors, other than my parents, relatives and a few good teachers.

I certainly never had someone who ran a 7-figure per year business and a worldwide following say:

"Hey, let me keep you motivated and on the right track every month. Let me help you avoid the devastating financial mistakes I made. Rather take my tools, habits, and shortcuts that can help you be more successful and increase your income… LIVE, every month, where you can ask me questions and get ahead 10x faster."

I’m actually excited to do that for you.

I'm very fortunate to have achieved the life I always dreamed of. And I'm at the stage in my life now where I’m obsessed with helping others achieve that same goal...

That's why I want you to join my LIVE coaching program, called the Ultimate Success Club

Now, to be clear, you have to really want more abundance in your life... and you need to be willing to put in the work if you want to achieve the life of YOUR dreams.

My Ultimate Success Club Monthly program is just $47 every month (normally $97), and you can CANCEL ANYTIME.

But I wanted to do something special for you.

I want to invite you to try it out for the first month for just $1, as a way of proving to you just how valuable my Ultimate Success Club is.

I'm also going to give you some valuable BONUSES for jumping in and COMMITTING to your personal and professional growth.

So, when you join right now, here's what happens:

  • Get Live Training With Me Every Single Month - on the most important topics to help you break through to that next level of success, freedom and wealth. Learn the simple yet life-changing success secrets of the top 1%.
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  • Receive ALL My Courses, Trainings, Bestsellers and Reports - worth over $2,000 gradually added to your membership each month, so you get all the skills you need to create the life that you want.
  • BONUS #1: How to Create a Successful Online Business - 12 DVDs where many of the world's most successful online entrepreneurs share how they would generate $30,000 in 30 days if their lives depended on it. A $297 Value
  • BONUS #2: Prosperity Power Software - this is the same type of software used by famous athletes, and highly successful people to improve their performance, erase limiting beliefs, and create a success mindset. A $147 Value

Don't worry - if you can't make it to a LIVE training with me, because you'll get all the recordings in your member's area.

All for just $1 for your first month (thereafter $47 per month).

If you don't cancel, then we will assume that you're loving it, and we'll keep serving you and you will be automatically billed $47 per month just like every one of our committed members.

This is a HUGE discount with awesome bonuses, and the best deal I have ever offered to new members. This really can change your life.

But I want YOU to be the judge.

So, click the button below to begin and if you don't love it just CANCEL and you won't be charged a single dollar more.

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What You Get - PLUS, Crazy EXTRA Bonuses:

Join my Ultimate Success Club TODAY for just $1 and you receive…

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And you can cancel anytime! Yes, really - cancel anytime, by replying to any of our emails and telling us to cancel. It's that easy. But what is NOT easy is getting ahead in life.

You know you need some new approaches to getting ahead because you've come as far as you can - you've done great but now you're ready for the NEXT LEVEL.

If you want that next level, you need the next level of coach. I'd love to be one of those coaches for you.

So that's why I'm giving this to you for $1.

Trust me with the $1, and I'll work hard to earn it times 1000x.

Signup now and go watch one of my previous Ultimate Success Club live training sessions and you'll realize this is worth so much more than the $1. The $1 is just sort of a symbol of your commitment.

And if you stay for more than 30 days I'll even give you a copy of my entire Millionaire Mind Secrets training program. Its a complete wealth mindset training program, that includes 7 inspiring training videos, powerful millionaire mindset hypnosis recordings, empowering subliminal audios, and other powerful technologies to help you create the mind of a millionaire fast.

So, you're game for this, right?

Think about it...

Would you pay just $1 to have me train you every single month LIVE and teach you the same secrets people pay me $15,000 a year to learn? Would you pay just $1 for the bonus training and software that's worth over $400? Would you pay just $1 for instant access to $388 worth of previous training sessions, as well as all my bestsellers, books and reports?

Of course! Who wouldn’t?

Well you get all of that for... you guessed it... just $1

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