Every month, you'll get a new SECRETS OF SUCCESS course which will unlock for you one per month:

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Don't leave your learning and success to chance. Let us unlock a new training for you every month. The Total Value of these courses is $3,659 but you get all of these for free as part of your membership.

  • The Millionaire Mind Secrets - my wealth training course ($848 value). The astonishing system that creates the mind of a millionaire. Millionaires think differently to most people, and when you start copying their thought processes, you open the door to unlimited possibilities. Includes training manual, audiobook and reference guides. Also includes the empowering 3-day internet marketing seminar; the "Millionaire Bootcamp for Women". You get the full 10 DVDs.
  • The Master Key System success training course ($97 value) - The 7-hour training of the classic 24-week correspondence course created by Charles F. Haanel in 1912. This course was one of the main sources of inspiration for Rhonda Byrne's book and movie The Secret (2006).
  • The 30 Day Success Formula - my 6 CD audio program (usually $197) - Get clear on what you want from life and your true purpose, overcome obstacles in your way, and dramatically improve all areas of your life. Create a simple effective plan to accomplish all your goals.
  • Change Your Thoughts Transform Your Life ($97 value) - This is my 4-part video course to help you develop greater confidence, unlock your creativity, and quickly transform negative thoughts and emotions. Start getting ahead faster and be more successful.
  • The Ultimate Mindset Upgrade ($641 value) - A suite of powerful mind programming tools I've compiled to help you quickly create a wealth mindset and a more fulling life. Includes subliminal audio tracks and software, binaural beats audios, and life-changing success and confidence hypnosis sessions. Also, includes 2 hours 20 minutes of video training, as well as the 12 DVDs of the "Ultimate Passive Income Summit" - 21 ways to make money while you sleep.
  • The Most Powerful Success Secrets In The World ($97 value) - In this special training, I will share with you the secrets of the world’s richest and most influential people. Use these secrets for yourself and open the door to untold wealth. Its about minimum effort - maximum result, so copy what they do and see your career or business take off.
  • The Science of Getting Rich ($97 value) - This audiobook of the classic by Wallace D. Wattles is only 2 hours 45 minutes long yet it could change your life (it did for me!). Transform any situation using the power of gratitude, and start magnetising beneficial coincidences into your life. A remarkable bestseller that was the main source material for the book and movie "The Secret". Change your life fast, just like it has already done for millions of people around the world.
  • Goal Hacking ($997 value) - My revolutionary accelerated goal achievement system help people achieve huge goals in a fraction of the time. Dramatically speed up the achievement of every goal you set. Start using it to transform your career, your finances, your relationships, your health, and your personal life. Have both the confidence and know-how to achieve anything you want from now on.
  • Finding Your Purpose ($97 value) - This is my training about the (predominantly scientific) evidence for life after death, and what this means for your daily life. Discover the true purpose of life and why you are here. Be more empowered, find greater meaning and purpose in all that you do, and experience greater enthusiasm and excitement in your life from now on.
  • Think and Grow Rich - the course ($97 value) - The 11 full hours training from the classic by Napoleon Hill. After almost 100 years its still a number 1 bestseller today, and it's the "granddaddy" of almost every personal development book, training course and seminar on success since 1937. Learn how the world’s most successful people achieve their success and mirror their methods to get anything you want. TOTALLY life changing stuff!
  • My High Performance Secrets training ($297 value) - How to short-cut your way to success and save yourself 10-15 years of anguish, stress and failure by using high performance success habits that have been scientifically proved to work. Finally know how to double or even triple your income in the next 12 months using the scientific route to success.
  • Life-Changing Success Secrets of the Top 5% ($97 value) - Discover the simple success secrets of the top 5% and get to your next level of abundance and wealth 10 x faster. In this thought provoking training I will show you how to overcome every limiting belief sabotaging your goals and simple ways to boost your self-image and increase your income fast.