Life-Changing Success Secrets of the Top 5%

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Discover The Simple Success Secrets Of The Top 5% So You Too Can Get To The Next Level Of Abundance and Wealth 10 x Faster

According to the US Social Security Administration by retirement age 95% of people will not be successful or financially secure. Avoid this by learning powerful high performance success habits that have been scientifically proved to help ordinary people reach the top 5%

Achieve the sort of success, freedom and wealth that most people can only dream of.


  • How to Improve Your Self-Image - so you can increase your income
  • The True Secret to Long-Term Happiness - it's not what you think!
  • How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs - that ARE sabotaging your goals
  • The Life-Changing Power - of "going the extra mile" (and it's easy!)
  • Secrets of a Positive Mental Attitude - that can attract success on "autopilot"
  • High Performance Courage Techniques - to get you to the next level faster
  • How to Achieve More in the Next 12 Months - than in the past 12 years
  • Powerful Ways to Be More Successful - than 95% of people will ever be

And much, much more...


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Mike Pettigrew is a bestselling Irish author and has been a successful entrepreneur since he was a teenager. He has founded, bought, built and sold 18 businesses in several different niches.

He is widely recognised as a leading expert in helping ordinary people to achieve extraordinary goals.

You may have seen him on TV, listened to his podcast, or heard him on radio - helping people just like you to live happier and more successful lives.

Mike is also the creator of several products, courses and coaching programs that help ordinary people to create the lives they have always yearned for.

These include:

* The 30 Day Success Formula
* The Millionaire Mind Secrets
* Change Your Thoughts - Transform Your Life!
* The Ultimate Success Club group coaching program
* One-on-one Certified High Performance coaching

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What People Say About Mike Pettigrew

Mike Pettigrew is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World

  • You quickly realize you have the ability to change your life in spite of your circumstances.
    Pamela Parker
  • I love how Mike addresses our mindset and the fact that how we think about things truly can either make or break achieving our goals.
    Carrie Lowrance
  • He gives you a blueprint for making your life everything you’ve dreamed it could be.
    Jim Rodgers
  • Immediately had results just by changing my way of thinking.
    Mike Eckles
  • His ideas are simple to understand and implement. He also does a good job of dealing with your internal struggles of manifesting your goals.
    Jeff Rodriguez
  • I have learnt new ways of thinking & achieving my goals, Mike Pettigrew is a walking genius!!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge to improve others lives, this knowledge is priceless!!!
    Melanie Lee
  • I have noticed a change within me. Even my friends around me have noticed it too. If you want a better life, and want to improve the way you think then this is it.
    Andrew Leonard

Life-Changing Success Secrets of the Top 5%

This valuable 60 minute On-Demand Class is absolutely FREE, and at the end you'll have the opportunity to claim $832 worth of Powerful Success Training for FREE!


VERY IMPORTANT:  Stay to the end of this 60 minute masterclass and you'll have the opportunity to claim $832 worth of Powerful Success Training for FREE!

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