How Your Dominant Thoughts & Emotions Create Success or Failure

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We’re going to look at how our dominant thoughts and emotions actually create the circumstances of our lives or in other words, how your dominant thoughts and emotions create all your successes and all your failures.

Now, I know how harsh that may sound. It may sound like we are trapped in our thoughts and our emotions if they really do create the circumstances of our lives. Is there something we can do to change our dominant thoughts and emotions? Because if what we’re pumping out into our environment is not particularly positive and that’s what we’re reflecting back, it can feel often like a trap that we are stuck. But there is a way. There is a way and I’ll share this with you later. There is a way to change our dominant thoughts and emotions.

Human beings have a lot more ability than we often take credit for. And we all make choices at every single moment of our lives. Every moment is a choice and what we choose today has massive effect on what we become in the future and what we achieve.

Now, I had an amazing experience. Many years ago, I was in Peru with bestselling author, Dannion Brinkley, and it was an amazing trip. And I visited Machu Picchu which is an ancient city high up in the Andes Mountains and it’s a stunningly beautiful place because you’re actually above the clouds. And when I was there, the weather was fantastic, beautiful sunny sky. And as I say in Machu Picchu because you’re so high up, you’re actually above the clouds. You’re looking down and the clouds are swirling below you. It’s magical.

But there is a part of Machu Picchu known as The Hitching Post of the Sun and it’s like an outdoor temple and there’s a big rock and there’s a kind of a prang sticking up, a vertical prang sticking up out of that rock. And I was above the Hitching Post of the Sun with a group of people and I looked down and there was this amazing circular rainbow and I’ve never seen a circular rainbow before that or since and I don’t understand how light reflects or refracts to create a completely circular rainbow, but that’s what we all saw down below the mountain.

And I suddenly noticed, I raised my hand and I saw my own hand at the center of the rainbow reflected back. And then I waved my hand and even though the rainbow was almost 360 degrees, there was a little gap in the center. And as I wave my hand, I saw a reflection of my own hand waving back. And I thought, “This is extraordinary.”

So one of the people in the group that I was with, I said, “Look, are you seeing this?” And he said, “I’m not seeing anything.” I said, “Look, I’m waving my hand. Can you see it?” He said, “No, I just see a circular rainbow.” I said, “OK. Wave your hand.” And they wave their hand and they could see their own hand waving back. Not mine. I couldn’t see theirs. And several of us in the group tried this experiment and we could only see our own hand waving back.

And this is a bit like how our environment or how the rainbow of life itself reflects back to us according to what we’re transmitting emotionally through our emotions and our thoughts, our dominant thoughts and emotions.

And amazingly, ancient Eastern text from the Orient tells us that our minds actually affect our environment in more than – in 3,000 different ways. And every single moment of our lives, we are transmitting out and affecting our environment in 3,000 different ways. And you may feel that’s all well and good. It’s just philosophy. It can’t be real.

But this is not just philosophy because all around the world, science have discovered that sensitive scientific experiments can actually be influenced by the observer or that scientist who is conducting the experiment. And these experiments have been done in all sorts of laborites around. This is nothing new. But sensitive experiments can be influenced by the mind of the observer. And if this is true then it means that our own thoughts and our own emotions are definitely affecting our environment.

And I believe through my own experience that we experience in life is a result of our dominant thoughts and emotions. And I’ll talk a little bit more about that in a moment and relate to you a personal experience about that. But let’s look at for a moment what science says about this.

Now, there had been experiments into the growth of plants. And I’m not going to go into all the detail but I just want to give you a snapshot of what science is saying. There had been experiments conducted into the rate of growth and the strength of growth of plants. And two identical plants in laboratory in identical conditions given the same heat, light, and nutrients, when the mind of one observer focuses on the plant and sends feelings of gratitude or love or care, that plant has been seen grown quickly, more rapidly.

Other experiments had been done where opposite emotions had been sent to the plant, feelings of anger, frustration and the plants – the growth of the plants are stilted. Now, these experiments had been repeated in lots of laboratories.

So our minds, our thoughts, and emotions really do affect physical matter. And there was a Japanese scientist by the name of Masaru Emoto, he died quite recently, but Masaru Emoto, his studies into the water crystals growing in very cold water. He has found exactly the same – he discovered the very same findings that OK, if you see any snowflake, no two snowflakes are ever identical. The same is true of crystals, water crystals that form in ice cold water, freezing water, water that’s beginning to freeze. They all have a unique crystalline shape.

But Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that if certain emotions are transmitted or directed at the water sample, that the structure, the crystalline structure that forms is completely different if we focus on the water sample with love or gratitude or higher emotions I might say, compare it to feelings of anger.

And he wrote a book called Living Water. And in the book, you can see for yourself how water crystals according to emotions and feelings transmitted to me. The difference between transmitting feelings of love or gratitude and feelings of anger, the way the crystals grow, is totally different.

So, these are really two examples I’ve given you of what science is saying about how our mind and emotions actually affect physical reality. But needless to say as I said at the beginning, many scientific experiments have been conducted around the world. And very sensitive experiments can be influenced by the mind of the observer. So this is scientific fact.

Now, my question for you is what dominant thoughts and emotions are you transmitting into your environment? And what sort of life are you creating for yourself? And what sort of life would you love to create for yourself because you do have the power. We do as human beings have the power to change our dominant thoughts and emotions.

And I had a really profound experience of this myself about 12 years ago. I’ve been very successful in business. I had a very successful company. I sold it to a multinational back in 2001. And through an awful set of experiences, I trusted the wrong people. I made really bad investments. And a couple of years later, we lost everything. I didn’t have a cent left in the world. But I had a wife and I had baby who had just been born.

And when you have a wife and a baby son and you cannot feed them, it’s very frightening, extremely frightening. And I used to wake up every morning just feeling so fearful because I couldn’t feed my wife or the baby.

And this came down to as I said, there was a set of circumstances that really plunged me into fear, and because my dominant emotion was fear and because I expected more bad things to happen, that’s exactly what I got. I drove into my environment, even more awful experience. So it’s spiraled. It got out of control. Because I was pumping out into my environment, feelings of fear and expecting more bad stuff to happen, that’s exactly what happened.

And I reached the point where I was desperate. And it’s amazing, when you’re desperate, sometimes what can happen? I picked up a book that was written a long, long, long time ago and the book had a profound effect on my life, in it, I really discovered that my dominant thoughts and emotions were the problem here and that I had to change my dominant thoughts and emotions to change what was happening to us.

And I decided to create this product called The Crazy Gratitude Experiment. And every 30 minutes of the day, I would check with myself to see what had been my most dominant thought and emotion during the previous 30 minutes and I replace through gratitude. Just literally remembering that feeling of gratitude, pulling it up out of my socks wasn’t easy at first but everything changed from this point.

Within 3 days, I started seeing all sorts of wonderful synchronicities, coincidences that affect me profoundly to this day many, many, many later. Everything changed when I started changing my inner world. When I started changing what I was transmitting out into the universe, everything starts to change from that point.

Now years later, I had several successful businesses. I’m a bestselling author. This experience was horrendously painful, incredibly frightening but I’m really grateful that it happened because it taught me about the power of our mind and our emotions. And I know that you can totally change any situation. You can transform any situation no matter how dire your circumstances are by using this Crazy Gratitude Experiment and by taking that control over your dominant thoughts and emotions. And it’s a conscious choice. It doesn’t happen automatically but I assure you, you can do this.

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