Make Determinations that Create Results

Have you found yourself at the end of year, looking back over the year and wondering why you didn’t achieve all those determinations you set out to achieve in January?

If so you’re definitely not alone! You see determinations are an incredibly important part of life and in fulfilling our dreams and in becoming happy.

But it’s really important to understand exactly how to use the power of determination in order to achieve what it is that we wish to achieve.

I think that many people at the beginning of the New Year make a lot of New Year’s resolutions. Although a New Year’s resolution is really something that you’re resolving to give up. But breaking bad habits that are ingrained can be very difficult so instead of creating New Year’s resolutions it is often far better to actually create a new habit that counteracts the old habit that you wish to break.

This is easier than making huge efforts to overcome a habit that is deeply ingrained. Creating a new habit that counteracts it is far easier.

Now this is really the subject of an entire separate video and we will cover this at some stage. But today I want to talk about the power of determination and what we need to do in order to achieve our determinations.

Actually achieving what is that we set out to accomplish is a bit like a ship on the ocean.

If we are not making regular crystal clear determinations and putting power, energy and emotion into those determinations regularly then it’s a bit like a ship that’s on the sea, but that’s going around in circles.

Nothing much is happening and it’s a also pretty repetitive cycle. This is a bit like our own lives; if we are not regularly setting goals for ourselves and stretching our lives.

Now, whenever we make a concrete goal and infuse it with determination it’s a bit like aligning that ship straight into the waves.

What we experience as we start to move forward is that we are buffeted by the waves. When we have a clear direction…this is a bit like when we make a very strong determination and infuse it with energy and emotion…we literally invoke a response from our environment.

And if we look at this a bit more deeply, then the only thing that is separating us right now from achieving something really wonderful for ourselves and/or others is some level of inner change.

I’ll say that again for clarity; the only thing that is separating us from achieving our goals is some level of inner change. And when we make a strong determination and infuse it with energy and emotion and read our determinations morning and evening; it’s a bit like…as I say aligning our ship straight into the waves. The first thing that we notice is that we start to encounter challenges…..challenges that stretch our lives in some way.

There’s no need to be frightened by this and we can even continue going around in circles on the calm seas if we wish….but really, it is so worthwhile making determinations for our lives that stretch us to grow.

We are only in this world for two purposes; to grow spiritually and to help others also to grow.

Now, when I say “to grow spiritually” I not talking about religion in any shape or form. Rather, what I’m talking about is that we come into this world….and all modern scientific evidence into life after death (and there is abundant evidence) it all points to this thing…the purpose of human life is to grow spiritually and help others in any way we can.

When I say grow spiritually, is a fact that we grow our lives through challenges. There is not a single person in this world who does not have challenges or things to transform and deal with.

In fact we are literally inundated with challenges all the time, but even though in some context it might be quite frightening it’s really good for us!

We can see this in the lives of people who are in old age people and who have had a hard life. As I mentioned in a previous video; late in life we can usually end up one of two ways depending on our attitude and how we have engaged with or ran away from our challenges and problems.

We can end up either being really caring, really understanding, really wise and compassionate beacons of light. Or we can end up being resentful.

And depending on our attitude and how we handle our challenges we can either grow spiritually or we can effectively “close down” and become resentful.

Now, making determinations enables us to grow far more quickly than we would if we were just on the sea going around in circles. And it’s really important for our lives…it’s so important to see ourselves progressing…to see ourselves achieving things.

I believe that if we don’t set regular challenges for ourselves then life doesn’t really change and it is just more of the same…and we get very, very stale and disillusioned inside.

So it very important to set really concrete goals and determinations…for our lives and the lives of those around us…and to keep ourselves accountable.

It’s like we have really got two types of mind; one that is creative and the other that is destructive. The destructive one is the voice that says “don’t bother” or “there is no point” or “I really couldn’t achieve it anyway”.

Then, there is our other voice….we might call it our higher mind. It is the one that keeps pushing us forward…it keeps making us move forward…taking on new challenges and not running away.

So I think it is really important to set goals for ourselves and every single morning and every single evening, if we can read those goals.

Often reading them aloud is very potent…and not only reading those goals and determinations aloud, but also infusing them with emotion.

The most ideal emotion is actually gratitude…if we look at our determinations and read them aloud and we bring up gratitude intentionally (I mentioned in the previous video how we can do this effectively).

Bringing up gratitude as though we had already achieved those determinations…actually allowing ourselves to feel as though we’ve already achieved them…..this is really potent at creating results in our lives.

And this must be done regularly; morning and evening, because in effect it will reprogram our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind controls everything that happens to us. Our subconscious mind and our autonomic system is the part of our lives that makes our heart beat. We don’t consciously have to think “beat, beat” as that would be completely impractical to staying alive.

Our subconscious controls most of what happens to us. On the other hand, our conscious mind is our mind in which we do all our day-to-day thinking.

This conscious mind really is only a tiny, tiny part of our lives. On the other hand our subconscious makes up most of who we are and it is so important to program our subconscious…because we have all had conditioning through our upbringing, and we have all experienced losses in life.

It’s due to all these all these limiting factors and difficulties that we gradually end up limiting what is possible for ourselves.

It is amazing to watch this in children…they believe everything is possible and they have no fear initially…..we learn fear. And if you ask most children what they would like to be when they grow up…they have all these exciting ideas.

Now, I have seen this again and again as people grow older; once they enter their 20s and start life fully…then by the time they reach 30; many, many people have become very disillusioned and their belief about what possible for them (through all the knocks they have experienced in life) their beliefs about what is possible for them…..shrinks.

This is awful, but it probably happens to most of us. We end up becoming disempowered because what we do what we think continually….is programming our subconscious.

We really need to ask ourselves; are our repetitive thoughts and emotions programming our subconscious for failure and for a tiny life, or are we programming our subconscious for something truly wonderful.

This is why we need to look at our determinations morning and evening while preferably reading them aloud and infusing them with gratitude. In such a way as though we feel we’ve already achieved them.

This works in two ways. Firstly it affects our subconscious and it reprograms our subconscious as I just mentioned. But also when we think something with passion and emotion (preferably gratitude) we transmit that thought out into the universe.

I honestly feel that prayer (now my videos will not be about religion)…is something we all do even if we have no belief system. Prayer to me is simply repeated thoughts with emotion. Repeated thoughts with emotion…and we are all in a state of prayer all the time….so long as we are always thinking and feeling. Whatever our dominant thoughts and feelings are manifests in our lives.

So, I hope that this short talk about determination has helped you and I really invite you to try this yourself.

Write down all the determinations you want to make for the year. Although this shouldn’t really just be a once yearly thing…rather this can be something that ideally needs to be done regularly. Because sometimes our determinations change a little bit over time and that’s absolutely fine…but it’s really, really, really important that we start testing this (if we are not already doing so).

By making concrete determinations, visualising how we really want our lives to be and every morning and every evening infusing those determinations with energy or emotion…then as a say it affects our subconscious and gradually our beliefs of what is our possible for us will grow.

We also affect our environment potently…so determination is really important and I hope that if you are not already using the power of determination then I hope you will start testing it right away and fully.

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